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    Guide for Installing Lion on the 4530s Version 3

    You know, I desperately looked for a Mac before installing Lion on my HP 4530s, but I didn't know the admin password of the only ones available to me. :thumbdown: I ended up using VMWare on Win7 with a Lion virtual machine to format the USB drive and do the rest of the operations and had...
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    16gb Ram?

    I don't use the bluetooth at all so it is of no importance to me. Trackpad gestures are also something I can live without since they add nothing to my workflow. So I will definitely consider BD suggestion vs. getting a MBP. Cheers!
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    16gb Ram?

    Thanks for the suggestions, BD. That's an interesting proposition. How's the performance of the 4530 running on MOSX compared to a MacBook Pro? I didn't know you could replace the screen for so cheap. Thanks for the tip again.
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    16gb Ram?

    I've been using 8 GB RAM since before installing Lion, had graphic glitches, specially in the beginning, but the fan app solved them. Mac runs smoothly on my machine, a much pleasant experience than using windows. I'm actually thinking on ditching my 4530s for a new Macbook Pro, I'm just trying...