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    Yah I got It to Boot but I see no disk in the Disk Utility!

    If you have updated your BIOS then there is a good chance that you have reset your SATA controller back to IDE (or maybe forgot to change it in the first place). Enter your BIOS and change it to AHCI mode.
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    iTunes Home Sharing not working

    What would need to be changed on my firewall settings?
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    iTunes Home Sharing not working

    Maybe I wasn't clear but the streaming isn't working. The movie takes forever to load, plays 3-5 seconds and then rainbow wheel of death.
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    iTunes Home Sharing not working

    So I can connect to the other computer (iMac 7,1) and the titles show up. However, when I try to transfer or view the movies the connection is non existent. Anyone else have this problem or perhaps a solution to it? Thanks. My setup is Lion 10.7.2 i7 2600k Gigabyte GA-H67N-USB3-B3