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    Security Update 2015-003 1.0

    OSX Security Update 2015-003 1.0 Thanks a lot for the link!! The solution works for me. My NVIDIA web driver version is : 343.02.02f03.
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    Security Update 2015-002

    GTX-970 is no longer detected after the 2015-003 update. To fix this issue, please check out this link: It works for me.
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    OS X 10.10.2 Update

    Update from the app store without any problems with my Nvidia GT 640 2GB card. As usual, I had to re-apply the TRIM Patch and reinstall audio driver using MultiBeast.:headbang:
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    prohibition logo

    Try this post:
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    Every time I turn on my computer it creat a new desktop.

    I just realized this is also happening to me. Anyone knows how to fix this yet?
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    [Solved] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB

    By motherboard boot option I mean "boot option" during start up. Sorry for the confusion. you are using gigabyte board same as me, so just hit f12 during boot up.
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    [Solved] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB

    I'm tying to remember what i did exactly since i did the upgrade a couple of days a go and I ran into so many problems. I believe I always boot using the motherboard boot option to avoid that "mach_kernel" error. After the upgrade was successful I still have to boot from the usb one more time...
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    [Solved] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB

    try to boot with -x -v -f option. it works for me.
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    Boot screen stuck with prohibit logo

    I got the same issue. Boot with option -x -v -f worked for me.