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    iCloud account limit reached, changing Hackintosh Serial

    The fix outlined here did the trick for me. It's a fairly simple reset of network connection "stuff". Took about five minutes to do. Good luck.
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    [SUCCESS] Project "iDell" XPS 8300 *Lion 10.7.3*

    Thanks for doing that for me. Is there an official way to thank someone on this site? The new kexts fixed my networking problem. Can anyone help with audio? To avoid starting over each time I am using disk utility to restore working install to another partition then make changes to my current...
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    [SUCCESS] Project "iDell" XPS 8300 *Lion 10.7.3*

    I'm trying to learn how to do this. After working on it for 3 days I have a bootable system except: 1. If I Multibeast VooDooHDA 0.2.1 it breaks the system - stops @ gray Apple. When I watched install logs it looked like an audio error, so I reinstalled without VooDoo and it doesn't break. 2. No...