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    My MacPro (2013) Hackintosh

    Can you take a picture with the trash can on? :D
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    Mac Cube X99

    Awesome, like the idea of the heat sink in the center :D
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    Mac Cube X99

    The page is super super slow and the pictures on it do not load at all :(
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    Mac Pro Replica - OEM Fan - Build log

    good job!
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    Mac Pro Replica - OEM Fan - Build log

    Awesome! Can't wait to read about the results with the MP fan :D
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    Mac Pro (late 2013) replica

    Yeah… that admin was ruling his forum with an iron fist. Luckily he is gone now :D A very unfriendly person!
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    Space / Cooling problems...

    I think making the GPU fan facing into the other direction is a must!
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    2013 Mac Pro - My variation

    Wow, really clean build! :D
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    External NVIDIA GPU on thunderbolt = It works !

    I am using a eGPU with my 15" MBPr but only for Windows, because there are still problems in managing the display output in OSX. But you can make a eGPU run any rendering software if you get the implementation in OSX right. This is my system (GTX 970 in an AKiTiO Thunder2 case)...
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    G5 + laserhive mobo tray + Noctua NH-D14?

    Just from the height, it shouldn't be a problem!
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    Crimson Grey (Powermac G5)

    Sure that might work! Maybe you should search for an alternative in Low Yat ;)
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    G5 PSU to ATX issue

    I used a Seasonix X-560 to strip apart. Had to do some soldering to extend some wires:
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    Crimson Grey (Powermac G5)

    What kind of HDD cage are you looking for? A G5 one oder new parts like this: