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    [SUCCESS] Install macOS Sierra Using An MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard

    I followed your steps. And I have separate hard disk for El Capitan and Yosemite OS with clover 3333. I have managed to create USB flash drive but it wont boot to flash drive. Currently, I am on ElCapitan with clover 3333(not sure). ALso, I am confused with this step. "Download the
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    OS X 10.11.3 Update

    Everything working great on MSIZ97, GTX970. The only problem is now I cant able to boot into my BIOS or select drive (pressing DEl or F11) any more.
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    OS X 10.11.2 Update

    I have successfully installed new update and everything works great. I have dual screen and working fine. BUT I have slight issue with sound. My sound is working ok but it is very very low in volume. I have full volume but I can hear very little voice. I have tried with ACL898, 1150 but no...
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    [Solved] Bluetooth Problem Turned Nightmare

    Bluetooth Problem Turned Nightmare If you are getting clover screen then see what type of boot flags you are using & change your bootflag over there. You have to use kext-dev-mode=1, nv_disable=1 (nividia). I had same issue but I used my back up and re-install El-captain again. For bluetooth...
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    Bluetooth Problems

    I just copied your file in to my system, reboot and now it's working. Thanks for sharing.
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    [10.9 - Bluetooth] CSR8510 A10 not recognised as bluetooth

    I tried that method but it did not work. I have windows 10 so I am not sure it will compatible with it or not. I am getting communication error .
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    Thanks. I tried that method but it did not work. I have windows 10 so I am not sure it will compatible with it or not. I am getting communication error .
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    My bluetooth is not working correctly. It says connected but still my mouse is not working. see attached pics. It seems my USB is working ok and I am using wireless keyboard and mouse and working great. But only problem is bluetooth. I tried different mouse and it detects right away and it's...
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    Gapics Card

    Mine is set on SMBios to MacPro 3,1. I will change to 14.2 and report back
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    Gapics Card

    I am using DVI . Same set up (dual monitor) was working great in Yosemite. I haven't change anything. But why it's still showing me OSX default driver?
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    Gapics Card

    yes. That's correct. When I use nvda_drv=1, It boots up in my old Dell monitor and then it goes to my new touch screen Acer's monitor and dell goes to sleep. BUT when I use nv_disable=1 it only works with my old monitor and no new touchscreen monitor display. Either way, I can only able to use...
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    Gapics Card

    I have successfully installed in my system and working fine. But I am little confused with this. See attached picture. Not sure if it is normal or not. NO matter what I do it is switching back to OSX default driver. I have dual monitor set up and now it is not working. I can able to boot with...
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    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    I have successfully installed. But Bluetooth is not working, It was working fine in Yosemite OS. Also, blue tooth icon also missing from the setting menu. I tried almost everything but still no luck.
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    Wont boot when i plug the Nvidia GTX970

    Ok. I can able to boot using nvda_drv=1 but when I clicked on Nividia display (setting preference, nividia), it still shows me second option,no matter if i choose use nivida driver. And also,about mac shows me unknown nivida graphics. Any idea