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    Mojave GPU Buyers Guide

    Oooo good catch, will add that
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    Mojave GPU Buyers Guide

    Theoretically yes, but since we're now routing the PCIE lanes through the chipset it instead of the CPU like on a desktop you can encounter either better stability or worse. Hackintoshes are on a case by case basis for these kinds of things and so it's hard to tell what would happen
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    Mojave GPU Buyers Guide

    Well connecting externally isn't what changes as 2010-2012 MacPros don't have this issue either, it seems to specifically come down to how Hackintoshes use an emulated EFI vs a native one like in real Macs. This means that since we're emulating, we can get odd issues with translating from the...
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    Mojave GPU Buyers Guide

    Disclaimer: I mention Turing, Pascal and Maxwell to help educate users on what versions of MacOs they're supported on but if you accidentally fell on this page thinking your RTX 2080ti is supported, please read carefully So there’s been quite a few questions regarding which GPU to buy for...
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    PowerMac G5 Hackintosh with original PSU and cooling

    Awesome build mate, might I ask what temps you get with the original cooler? I'm really tempted to go that route especially when imagining how quiet the system could be
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    Sierra - GA-Z170XP SLI No Audio Issue - Not showing in Sys Preferences

    With multi-beast, get -100 series audio -alc 1150 This has worked many times on my z170xp-sli board but if you need help, I'll message
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    TP-Link WN821N Network Driver

    The drivers for this stick is The driver you need is RTL8192C.
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    Tp-link tl-wn821n

    What did you do to get it to work in 10.11? When i ran the installer, it didn't do anything