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    [Success] Dell Optiplex 7050 SFF Catalina(10.15.1)

    Mitsuhiro san , thatnk you for your guide. I've a 7050 sff with i5 6600. I've just bought an Asus GT730 and tomorrow I'll try to install MacOs . Thank you
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    Hi, the same situation for me. I can't verify if trim is enabled but I've run the command sudo trimforce enable in the terminal and the result of the operation seems fine. At the moment I don't know of any other way to verify if trim is woring properly..
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    Absolutely correct. I had the same issue about the shutdown /reboot even with previous Bios release. I've compared once again the screenshot provided by Ammulder with my configuration and I've found a couple of setting that were different. Now everyhting really works fine. Thank you Ammulder!
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    You need to install the NVME driver. You can find the donwload link in the first post. I'm using the same SSD and everything is running fine using this driver.
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    Regarding the Samsung M.2 drive it is necessary to know which model you are referring to. I had a similar situation with the Samsung 950 Pro M.2 that was not detected in the OSX disk utility while I could use it in windows 10 setup. I was able to solve the problem easily by using the NVME...
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    I had a nuc5i5myhe Nuc and it worked in a fantastic way with El Capitain and following the Ammulder guide related to the Broadwell nuc. It was running quite like my Mac Mini. Then I moved to the skylake version NUC6i5SYH and I'm pretty satisfied of on how the system is working keeping in mind...
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Skylake NUC

    Ammulder, thank you! I was able to run El Capitain by just following your instruction and everything is working as expected. I just have a strange behavhiuor (minor issue) during the boot that I would like to share in order to find a possible solution. My configuration is involving an Intel...
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    [Guide] El Capitan on the Intel Broadwell NUC

    Ammulder, thank you for your perfect guide. I was able to run OSX on my Intel Nuc NUC5i5MYHE. I have compared the performance with my Mac Mini i5 2.8Ghz and the intel Nuc has similar performance. I have a question regarding the dual boot . I would like to install Windows 7 (I have a retail...
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    Dell XPS 13 5th Generation Setup 9343 Help

    Hi, a newbie question. Following the guide and the discussion, I was able to install OSX on the XPS 2015 i7 8GB with Infinity display. Anyway I've a last step that I need to complete in order to allow the graphics to run properly. At point 6 of guide is written: 6. after it boot back up...