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    Kernel panic after update 10.12.6

    Hello Everybody! 2 things: Thank you to everybody to take the time to respond. I was able to overwrite AppleALC in windows with latest version, and now the update complete, restart without problems.. Update Nvidia drivers and now working correctly. And I also I want to say... I'm feeling a...
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    Kernel panic after update 10.12.6

    Hello everybody... I am struggling to hold to my sandy bridge machine as far as I could. After the latest update of Sierra (10.12.6), the system crashes, here's the screenshot: My graphics card is a GTX 980, no intel driver installed. I still don't know what I am doing wrong. Please help. I...
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    USB3 not working with ASUS P8Z68-v Pro/Gen3

    Bump.... I am using sierra with this mobo... My system crashed if I use an usb3 drive... Someone could make it work? I read a lot of sites, and cannot get any result... tried the ouyen digital driver, but always the same result... If I copy something from or to an usb3 drive on USB3 port, the...