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    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    Is it mandatory to use KextBeast? I could not get KB to work, but I could get into the directory and drop Lilu and IntelGraphicsFixup there. However, my machine hangs at the grey apple.
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    Mörkö's G4 Graphite Hackintosh

    I do. My hackintosh is all up and running!
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    Continuity works, handoff does not

    Anyone have an update on this? I have almost exactly what was described here--Broadcom 20702A3 dongle, all BT working but no Handoff or Continuity.
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    GA-Z170M-D3H BIOS F20 vs. F7? Worth it?

    I've got my Hackintosh running just fine now, but it's not got the latest Gigabyte BIOS update. The docs on the update don't mention anything super important or compelling. Has anyone done this update? Necessary? Worth it? Thanks
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    Indigo Sawtooth: GA-Z170M-D3H/i5-6600 in a PowerMac G4

    A long slow slog of troubleshooting the Quartz Extreme and audio driver problems this weekend. I've learned a HUGE amount about Clover Configurator and how Clover works. Thanks to @RehabMan I realized that my installed clover was using an EFI partition that was NOT on my boot drive, so 2 days of...
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    Enable Power Management in Sierra on Skylake system GA-170m-D3H

    Thanks for the links and the warning about processor variation. I'm running Sierra. Should I expect the Mavericks guide to be appropriate?
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    No Quartz Extreme with Skylake Intel HD 530

    OK this is sort of a big help. Is it possible for the system on one drive to be using the EFI partition of another drive to boot? Assuming so, I've removed all other drives, selected the remaining one in the BIOS, and now it boots to a blank Clover Boot Manager screen with no drives that show...
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    No Quartz Extreme with Skylake Intel HD 530

    This should look familiar. You were helping a bit in another thread. I know Power management is also not working. I don't know how to fix it. Every thread about it talks about laptops or other motherboards or not Sierra. In that other thread you said "- your config.plist is default from Clover...
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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics Working as of 10.11.4

    Especially if you're now using Sierra, could you please share your config? I'm having terrible trouble with exactly the same motherboard. No Quartz Extreme is the problem. I don't have the menu glitch. This is on my Indigo Sawtooth. Thanks!
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    No Quartz Extreme with Skylake Intel HD 530

    This is my Indigo Sawtooth I'm talking about. I've clean installed. I've used Multibeast and not used MultiBeast, instead adding kexts by hand. Using latest Clover. I've tried about 8 different config.plists provided by various people. These include changing several different platform IDs. No...
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    Enable Power Management in Sierra on Skylake system GA-170m-D3H

    I've searched the forums and there are a dozen guides, but none of them for my system/processor/OS. Can anyone point me to instructions for how to get power management working on my Indigo Sawtooth? SO much of getting my first hackintosh running was way easier than I expected, but this last...
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    (Clover configurator) Speaking for all the newbs:

    Yeah. But ignoring the problem, or suffering with it, doesn't make it better. I mean--I didn't even KNOW I didn't have power management enabled. Heck, I've looked at the Clover Wiki. I wanted to use it. It's CRAP. I've been a Mac guy since there were Macs. Trying to get this "straight by...
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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Graphics Glitch Fix

    OK, used Clover Configurator to make what I think are the changes required. I feel like a layman who has just been instructed to "just replace that atrial valve in that guy's heart". He's not dead, (the hackintosh booted back up) but it seems like pure luck that he isn't, and also, he's not any...
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    (Clover configurator) Speaking for all the newbs:

    ...I'd just like to say: I've been a paid Mac tech since 1998. Trying my first Hackintosh. Gotta use Clover Configurator to get graphics working right. This: "Check your Custom Entry -> Settings field in your config.plist Settings=special mean a file special.plist which is the same as...