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    Vanilla AppleHDA

    Hey, could someone post their vanilla AppleHDA.kext from 10.11.1? I've corrupted mine, and downloading the installer is going to take a day.
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    iStat Temp not reporting CPU temps now

    Here are some more smc versions: MacPro4,1 MP41.0081.B07 1.39f5 (ATkPAAAF) smc-thurley ------------- MacPro3,1 MP31.006C.B05 1.25f4 (??) smc-napa ------------- MacPro2,1 MP21.007F.B06 1.15f3 (??) ------------- MacPro1,1 MP11.005C.B08 1.7f10 (??) smc-napa ------------- iMac9,1...
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    Wake up with keyboard

    Hey first a big thank for the site, it's extremely helpful. My P55-UD3L works pretty much flawlessly, one thing though: Is there a way to enable waking with keyboard or mouse? That worked with my old EP45-DS3L. Cheers
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    Gigabyte 1156 BIOSes 2010-06 - Extract DSDTs [OLD]

    Re: Gigabyte 1156 BIOSes 2010-06 - Extract DSDTs for Database Here's the DSDT from P55-UD3L version FH MD5: f431dbdf5568101d061df4a1a3a72c27