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    Z270 Build - Should I be OK with this?

    Sorry to buzz a old thread, but i have got my pc here and i am looking at possibly moving it to OSX as I have begun to enjoy that workflow with my Macbook Pro just want something faster for renders and stuff. Ill leave my specs below and wanna know if it will be okay. Intel Core i5 7600K...
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    [success] [guide] i3 2120, GA-H61M-USB3V, Yosemite

    Can you help me with the bios setup for this motherboard? I need to know what to edit for that motherboard, having a few issues with that
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    Gigabyte H61M USB3V - What DSDT?

    I need help finding the correct DSDT for my motherboard please help? I dont know what F it is? How do i find this out? Thanks