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    Clover not compatible with Macos Catalina version

    I had no issues with RehabMan's version. In fact, that's how I installed Catalina on my laptop. Edit: Interesting, someone modified my signature. Too much info? :confused:
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    Garbled Screen AFTER OS X Installation

    Following RehabMan's Laptop Guide I was able to get to the install screen. I also needed a USB Keyboard/Mouse because the trackpad didn't work, despite the VoodooPS2Controller kext file being present. Formatted my SSD to a GUID partition type and then converted to APFS partition type. Installer...
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    [Solved] Cannot Boot From OS/Recovery Disk

    I don't know who you are or how you found out about doing this step but you are my savior! I have been spending hours on this very same issue. I don't care if I'm reviving this from February, I just wanted to thank you!
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    Need help finalizing my Toshiba L755-S5360

    Right, sorry about that. Updated.
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    Need help finalizing my Toshiba L755-S5360

    I'm running into issues getting my audio to recognize my internal microphone. The audio codec this laptop has is the Conexant 20585. Using the AppleHDA Patcher I was finally able to get it to work by using the output of the files created, aDummyHDA, HDAEnabler, Clover Layout-ID 3. I cannot use...
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    Working fine for 6+ months but took out audio box now wont boot up

    Check your BIOS settings in case it went back to defaults or look for any BIOS settings that changed in general.
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    Help with a Panic (Picture)

    Yes, to reiterate, flashing, resets or loading defaults can set you back. I forgot I had flashed my BIOS and couldn't figure out what changed.
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    DSDT for ECS motherboard

    Sometimes users don't get the chance to submit a working DSDT of the various motherboards or the configuration hasn't been experimented with so to speak. Creating a DSDT is another option. If you're serious about it, check out...
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    hackintosh hangs on after choosing audio with dsdt in multibeast...

    Try booting with UseKernalCache=Yes|No ( To clarify, that's two separate commands to be run if the other doesn't work ). If you can get back in to your OS, rename your files that worked and run the Utility and let it start up without specifying a command line argument, such as the one I listed...
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    MSI MS-7525 - Capability Desired - Sleep

    Fellas, I need some help or guidance. I've been spending the last few days making proper edits to my DSDT and I've come very close to it being finally complete. I am missing, both literally and compatibility, my sleep function. I've been reading numerous posts / fixes from various forums and...
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    USB Webcam Freezing

    I'm familiar with the USB 3.0 having issues with webcams, but my problem is with a USB 2.0 port. It seems that with the USB 3.0 kext installed to my system my camera now freezes intermittently when using supported software. For instance it will freeze with Skype and turning video off then on...
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    Front Audio Port Randomly Stops Detecting

    HD Audio Front Port stops detecting Headphones after an unknown period of time, only way to have it re-detect (as Headphones according to the Sound Manager) is to restart the PC. Any suggestions as to what I can monitor to see what's changing the detection that something has been plugged in...
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    Question - Can I use Unibeast to install Mavericks on a real mac?

    Yes, you can use the installer. I did it with my friends as well as my MBP and had no issues. All the appropriate files are there for the installation for any supported Mac hardware.
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    VGA and Mavericks Question

    Is VGA not supported in just the installation of Mavericks or not supported by the OS as a whole? I ask because my PCIe Graphics Card (ATI 5500) has HDMI, VGA and DVI and I am able to use VGA and DVI (dual monitors) without any issues. Only added the Device ID to the appropriate .plist kext...
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    Z87N-wifi i5 4670k

    Please post your 'org.chameleon.Boot.plist' using [ code ] Information from your file here [ /code ]. Where I have 'code' and '/code' in the brackets, be sure to remove any spaces.