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    Dual monitor = less FPS in Cinebench

    Hi guys Question, when i plug a secong monitor i lose 15 fps in Cinebench. vega 64 Is it normal?
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    [Solved] Weird CPU/MB problems (8700K + Asus Prime Z370-A)

    I've changed to Imac 18,3 and all ok now. But wheni plug 2 monitors i lose 15 fps in Cinebench.. is it normal?
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    [Solved] Weird CPU/MB problems (8700K + Asus Prime Z370-A)

    Glad to hear that! Ive changed psu ro corsair ax850 platinum but still have some freezes. Yesterday, after read your post, ive disabled speed step, multicore asus, and another 2 things in Bios that i dont remember now. All related to auto voltage. And it worked! Are u overclocked? And whats...
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    2 GPUS (rx 580 + Vega 64 possible)?

    is it possible guys?
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    [Solved] Weird CPU/MB problems (8700K + Asus Prime Z370-A)

    Hi Man! Did you fixed? I've got the same problem here :-(
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    OC crash FCPX (Vega and RX580) on Z370

    What could be done instead? Change mobo? AMD to Nvidia? Need to come back to work again asap. please help :-)
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    AMD RX Vega 56 - FCP X crash (help!)

    Same problem here. Vega 64
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    RX460 Constant crashing in FCPX 10.4

    Same problem here. please help.
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    OC crash FCPX (Vega and RX580) on Z370

    tried lots of configs.. KP in FCPX with all.. :-( Vega 64 and RX 580. DSDT patched fully working.. but no Overclock any tip? thanks in advance FCPX crash when running/scrubing timeline with Bruce test 5K
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    Overheating during rendering - asus maximus x z370 + MasterLiquid Pro 240

    Try Fake SMC with only CPU sensor.kext
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    [Guide] Generate SSDT For Coffee Lake CPU

    Im facing different temps (windows 78º/ mac 88º) with my hack overclocked. Is this related to power management? thanks in advance
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    Corsair Hydro H110i GT in a Hackintosh

    Is Parallels a solution?
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    Windows vs Mac temps

    *Stock 68º Windows 68º Mac *Overclocked 4.9 76º Windows 86º Mac Tried Plug in type = yes, different versions of fake smc.. what is happening here? Thanks in advance
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    Small O.C = high temps Asus 370Z

    If u use a 1.3vcore and 46x multiplier you get 88º I've changed the H110 and nothing.. No overclock = 65º