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    Mojave on M.2 SSD MSI 170 motherboard and Vega 56 graphics card

    Hello After I had brought a M.2 SSD under Sierra to run, I tried this now a year later as a new installation with Mojave. During the installation I manage to start the installation on the M.2, but the reboot doesn't work anymore. Has anyone already managed that? Maybe the error is also in the...
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    MSI 9 Series Motherboards - OS X Setup and Configuration

    Sorry. It's done. - That with the profile. the question about bios configuration is still unanswered.
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    MSI 9 Series Motherboards - OS X Setup and Configuration

    Hi there I have an MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and an EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked ACX 2.0 graphics card. When starting up I often get a prohibition sign twice in a row. At the third start everything goes smoothly. Is it possible to improve my configuration in the Bios? [x] Advanced \ Integrated...
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    MacPro new Processor?

    I own a Mac Pro 2008 and its works fine. Last year I already installed a New Graphic card & a SSD In it and that made it a bit faster but not fast enough as I was expecting. I use my Mac mostly for Photo Editing and Gaming. I would like to buy a new faster Mac Pro but as you all know it’s a bit...