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    gtx 650ti or hd 7770 its compatible in ML?

    Doing some research i found that some people has build ther hackintosh with the HD 7770, but only works in 10.8.4 or so, but just few people have done this, its true? or should i buy the GTX 650ti
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    almost done except for the board

    Then i guess any i5 ivy bridge will do the job if i have a Graphic card compatible with OSX? like a 3550
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    Liquid CPU Cooler....worth it?

    Just because you are OC, go with Liquid, but you should buy the "good" ones, cuz the cheaps and even the expensive ones may leak, you have to search in internet to see how many cases of leaks show up in the options that you have thought to buy, but for OC the best option is a Liquid cooler.
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    almost done except for the board

    So the i5 with HD4000 is not so importat? i was thinking to buy the components from the Buyer's Guide, what processor do you recommend?
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    almost done except for the board

    Thank you Adrian, then i'll buy that board, i had done other hackintosh installations before, so i hope to do it well And that is what i am going to do, SSD OSX, the HDD 500gb windows and games. I'm not going to OC, its just that i need a 4core for 3D softwares, for that reason i'll buy a...
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    almost done except for the board

    Hi everyone, i need some advice about boards, i have been doing the homework, doing the necessary research to get my hackintosh working next week, this is what i am going to buy, please tell my if anything is bad for my build -Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H v1.1 -i5 3570K -16gb RAM vengeance DDR3...
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    [SOLVED] Intel HD3000 with H61 problems

    Hi, i will buy an ASrock H61M form my i5 2300; have you had a problem whit the board? Like Network or sound?
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    [Success] Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 & Gigabyte GTS 450 with Lion

    Hi, i have a doubt, a gts 450 EVGA will work in Lion? there is a problem only because it is evga?