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    Stability Problems - Console app crashes(won't open)

    Any one have suggestions on how to troubleshoot or address the above problems? Thank You, Daniel
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    Stability Problems - Console app crashes(won't open)

    Hello, I have a buyers guide build. I started with Mavericks, took me a while to get things figured out and booting properly but finally did. I later upgraded to Yosemite. I have had intermittent stability problems from the very beginning (Mavericks) all the way until now. Random freezes...
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    No audio after sleep (Yosemite - ALC892)

    I am sad to say that I still have audio problems with iMac 14,2. I will install multibeast 6.1 audio. You simply only install the audio driver and it should address the issue.
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    suddenly loosing audio or after sleep (ALC898)

    Switch system profile to iMac 14,2. Worked for me. Alternatively you could install an older audio driver from multibeast. Don't recall which version. iMac 14,2 will introduce will require 'antipop' solution. Daniel
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    No audio after sleep (Yosemite - ALC892)

    I just switched from Mac Pro 3,1 to iMac 14,2 and audio after sleep now works. Perviously with mavericks I was using the older audio driver as a work around. With iMac 14,2 you have to address the antipop for ALC898. I think I installed a program that took care of it.
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    Audio Noise when opening new app or webpage Mavericks & Yosemite

    Thank you for the response. I had recently switched to iMac from Mac Pro and that did it.
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    ICC color profile inconsistentcies

    After upgrading to Yosemite I have noticed that upon reboots my ICC color profiles are being used/applied accurately. I first noticed that everything was too dark (gama changed?). I created a new profile hoping to address it, however this new profile also has problems over time after reboots...
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    Enabling TRIM botches everything why???

    I experienced the same circle with a line. Don't know the exact cause but you can look at the multibeast setups I used. I am running trim no problem now.
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    Audio Noise when opening new app or webpage Mavericks & Yosemite

    I recently started hearing a noise played through audio when a new app or webpage is loaded. It is the kind of noise when your computer turns o and the audio powers up. Just a short tick sound, like amplifier powered up. I would say it occurs every 5-15 minutes would be my guess. This occurs in...
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    UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Article: UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC Yes, just skip the disk utility part. Click continue installation instead. I successfully did an update from Mavericks this way.
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    Any successful upgrade on a Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI build?

    You can check this thread and try some things I mentioned in it. Reset bios default. Only use 1 stick of ram. Try different mtibeast config to see if a particular option is troublesome. Daniel...
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    Frozen on restart Apple load page

    Multibeast 7 - frozen on restart Apple load page Did you reset bios to defaults? Are you running 1 stick of ram? So you can boot Yosemite but after restart from multibeast it freezes? Also try different multibeast configs. See if one of the options is causing the problem.
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    i have problems with the installation

    wrong section. However try removing all of your ram except for 1 stick. I was getting all kinds of errors on boot before doing so. Daniel
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    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    Unibeast used successfully as an update from Mavericks. Its important to reset Bios defaults if your flash drive isn't visible from boot. Multibeast also successful on the my second try(froze on reboot and hand to reinstall Yosemite).