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    Windows 10 Installation STOPS at SETUP.

    Use OS X Disk Utility to format your Windows target drive as “Extended Journaled / HFS” The reason for this is genius; Disk Utility inherently creates a tiny EFI partition, at the beginning of aforementioned scheme/map... Why is this so important? When actually INSTALLING Windows, choose...
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    << Solved >> Apple Changed 10.13.6 Security Update to 17G6030> No Nvidia Drivers

    GPU Acceleration; confirmed==AW17R5 i9-8950HK_630HD/GTX1080 After downloading && installing the Security Update: disable Sip > run the shell script, again > everything is aces
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    Core i9 compatibility

    I’m running High Sierra on an AW17R5 w/i9 && gtx1080... The answer to your question is yes, it can be done Just do some reading. Ask for help. Everyone here is really nice and very patient.
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    Heavy Music Production Build From Scratch (Logic/Ableton DAWS and Serum)

    I’ve gone through a bunch of MacBooks... If I try to run Ableton on anything short of my MacPro or my Alienware (gtx1080)... bye bye MacBook-they’ve all been fried Attached pic: AW17R5, i9, GTX1080
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    Alienware 15 r3 High sierra installation

    I’m running an AW17R5 (i9/1080) NVMe0: OS X 10.13.6 H.Sierra NVMe1: Black Arch HDD: Storage As simple as it sounds; read everything|anything on here, carefully. The reason you’re getting 1 word answers; RehabMan & Co. spend way too much time redirecting questions to their respective threads...
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    Core i9 compatibility on Alienware 17R5

    I’m trying to install Mojave on my Alienware 17 r5 (Intel Core i9-8950HK) You got her working... Kindly, fill me in. The Apple install splash is as far as I’ve gotten. Cheers, - Noa (Ableton/Sony Music/Ultra)