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    EVGA Z370 FTW mobo

    Any news about this here? I would like to use an EVGA Z370 Classified K.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 (387.

    What display did you connect? I had to to configure my display with "MST off". My display was configured as secondary before.
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    macOS 10.13.3 Update

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    macOS 10.13.3 Update

    I have got two machines, the only difference between them is the display hardware and screen resolution. 387. works well in standard HD on Apple's LED Cinema Display 24. The same driver is unusable on my second machine running a 4K resolution (connected to a Dell P2715Q)...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (378.

    Thanks from me too! You are always so fast. My System is 10.13.2 (17C89), the drivers do not work, which is obvious. I should have checked for this before installation.
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    Fanless i7 Build Dual Monitor 30"

    Cooling:Streacom CPU Heat Pipe Extension Kit The heat pipe kit does not match the motherboard (z170i) very well. You will have to remove one of the aluminium coolers for the voltage regulators near the side of the board.
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    Silent for music production - Streacom DB4

    The LH6 does not really match the Z170i board. I had to remove the heatsinks which cover the voltage regulators (opposite of the PCIe slot). The voltage regulators never get hot, because I am not overclocking anything. Therefore it was Okay for me to simply remove them.
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    [Solved] NVIDIA Web Driver iBooks Bug

    Thank you so much! It works perfectly for me. From the bare source code I could not understand how it works. Would it be possible to build a live switch for this?
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    Blank Windows with Nvidia Web Drivers

    I am posting here, because I found a relatively simple fix at least for Instruments: just remove the code signature of the I have used codeunsign to do that. The command for XCode 8.2.1 is sudo ./codeunsign...
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    GTX 750, Sierra, Black screen after sleep

    Thank you so much for your hint. It was in fact the Dell Display (P2715Q). Dell has an entry in their knowledge base: The Dell solution is to use to change the "MST" setting to "Secondary" on the display side. This make the...
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    GTX 750, Sierra, Black screen after sleep

    I have got the same problem as discussed in this thread: my screen stays black after sleep. But this problem only occurs on one of two nearly identical computers: - ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming, Zotac NVidia GTX 750 (Zone Edition), 16 GB RAM/ 32 GB RAM, Crucial mx300 SSD The displays are different...