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    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad L440 (v3.0)

    @Sniki, do you know if there's an issue with resetting NVRAM with this laptop? If so, is there another way of clearing NVRAM?
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    Radeon RX480 crash with hardware decoding

    I would recommend you give iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS a try. On a real Mac, this profile only has a discreet GPU so it should work with your RX 480. I am using it with a Vega 64 and haven't had any issues. Don't inject that device property since you have the iGPU disabled in BIOS.
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    Radeon RX480 crash with hardware decoding

    Which SMBIOS are you using?
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    Preview Crashing

    This is just a starting point. You will have to customize the rest such as SSDTs, USB ports, CPU power management, etc. according to your motherboard specs.
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    Preview Crashing

    In BIOS, try looking for in Settings/Advanced/Integrated Graphics Configuration. In there IGD Multi-Monitor should be disabled. That is your onboard graphics. Initiate Graphic Adapter should be set to PEG in that same section.
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    Preview Crashing

    Try out the attached EFI folder. On your OS drive, make sure the path to EFI is set correctly. When you mount the EFI partition, the folder structure should be EFI (Partition)/EFI. As long as you paste the attached EFI folder in the EFI partition, you should be able to boot from the hard drive...
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    Preview Crashing

    Based on your About Mac screenshot, you are not using iMacPro1,1 profile. If you were, it would show as iMac Pro (2017). Compress (zip) your EFI folder and when you're typing your reply here, you'll see the Attach files option. Use that to include the compressed EFI folder in your reply.
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    Preview Crashing

    You are using the iMacPro1,1 profile? If so, is your built in GPU disabled in BIOS? Can you post your EFI folder?
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    Preview Crashing

    I had this issue when using iMac14,2 and iMac15,1 profile. Enabling the builtin graphics did solve this issue. Also using iMacPro1,1 profile works as well.
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    [Guide] Dell XPS 9560 Big Sur OpenCore

    I was looking to purchase this laptop with a 1080p screen. Would you be able to check for me whether the text appears blurry when you enable Zoom in Accessibility?
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    HDMI - Black Screen on Wake (Desktop)

    I have a LG TV connected to my desktop with an HDMI cable. Whenever I turn the TV off at night, the next day, when I turn it back on, I get a "No Signal" message. I then have to unplug/re-plug HDMI cable to get it work. This had never been an issue before. It just started happening the last...
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    Thinkpad T540p Big Sur Screen Goes Black After Verbose Mode?????

    Here are my settings for HD 4600. Give them a try.
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    No sound in Big Sur (ALC3232)

    How did you generate the HPET-SSDT file?
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    Disable CSM

    Is it possible to use a 1080p display on a laptop without having CSM enabled? On my laptop, if I disable CSM, the OS boots to a garbled screen. Is there any workaround to this? Update: It appears that the issue only occurs when resolution is set to 1920x1080. If I set a lower resolution in...