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    Unstable audio volume in High Sierra 10.13.6

    After a few hours of work I have High Sierra up and running with everything working excelently except for audio (and imessage - I don't have an iPhone so I wouldn't be using it anyway). The audio does work but whenever new audio plays it outputs at an extremely loud volume until adjusted with...
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    UniBeast: Install macOS High Sierra on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    After a few years of not being confident enough to try getting a hackintosh up and running again, thanks to everyone here I find out it is actually quite fun and nowhere near as difficult as I remember it being. It took quite a while to get everything set up to make the High Sierra boot USB but...
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    Trouble with Snow Leopard and Haswell

    Well i have had a bit of luck updating to 10.6.8 by modifying the iboot for haswell image to include the combo update.dmg as safe mode wont allow the use of usb drives or discs that weren't made using an .iso Now i have to get internet working and i should be able to go straight to mavericks...
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    Trouble with Snow Leopard and Haswell

    Thanks for the advice. I am using the iboot for haswell from the guide you mentioned. After removing the 660ti and plugging in the sata cables to different plugs I set my bios to optimized defaults and then changed the options I needed, I get the errors pictured when using " -v PCIRootUID=0...
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    Trouble with Snow Leopard and Haswell

    I have installed Snow Leopard 10.6 from a retail disc using iboot haswell but i'm having trouble progressing any further. I can only boot using the -x safe mode and this stops me from using ethernet and external drives/ discs. This means that i can't get the 10.6.8 update or multibeast onto the...
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    Install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on Haswell Based PCs

    I just installed 10.6 on my haswell system from the retail disc but i have to use the -x safe mode to boot. Does anyone know how to then install the 10.6.8 update in safe mode? Since USB drives and discs don't appear to mount i cant install the file i have already downloaded and the network...