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    Big Sur on Gigabyte Z390 Designare

    Hi, can you give me a hand, of how you manage to do the install, I tried many times and follow the above post but cannot install, your help will be much appreciated my system designare z390 i9-9900k xfx rx5500xt
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    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    I had the same issue with Catalina install at second reboot, then it would shut down, I fix it by doing the install with an rx480. The MSI rx 5700 xt gaming would cause it to stop and shut down, hope it helps
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    MacMan's Build: ASUS TUF Z390-PRO GAMING - i9-9900K - Vega 64 - Updated for 10.14.6 and NVRAM Support

    Help, I have BIOS version 1104 on my Z390-E Gaming. I created a Mojave USB install drive, stuck a apfs_module_start:1393. I also cannot install the patch in this tutorial. I may be doing something wrong. I tried Mojave, Sierra and Catalina, and can't get to install.
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    i been working on nvme install but can't get it to boot, actually it booted once after cloning and keeping both the original drive and the newly clone nvme drive, speeds were amazingly fast copying 15gb in 3 seconds, might do a new guide on this install
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    onboard wifi and bluetooth not being use as I'm using a pic-e card with and iMac wireless ac/bluetooth
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    you may want to try selecting your usb boot drive as first drive to boot from in the bios, or you may have to redo your unibeast usb boot drive, i had the same issue till it booted
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    thanks for helping on my guide
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    OS X 10.11.4 Update

    updated with APP Store and had to remove nvda_drv=1 to bypass black screen at boot, then install nvidia drivers reboot fine with nvda_drv=1 then I reran AGDPfix to fix graphics, Other than that everything is working fine, actually the update fixed my iMessage too
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    What Version of OS X is your Computer Running?

    El Capitan 10.11.2 and Windows 10 dual boot on a Z97 Deluxe, GTX 980 Ti, 16Gig Dominator, 2 Samsung 840 750Gb SSD,
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    Fix no sound after sleep on 1150 (and possibly other realtek's)

    i used kextbeast then rebooted and i did not work, i then ran multibeast el capitan and install audio drivers 1150 and optional 3 port 5.1 rebooted and in audio i selected output internal speakers and bam!! it worked after that
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    ok today i updated to 10.11.1 and rebooted and graphics got choppy at 7MB speeds, but the nvidia window prompt me to updated to the latest nvidia drivers install an rebooted, everything is working fine. I did tried this on a carbon copy clone back up first
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    i had sound issues too, and i would mount efi partition with clover configurator then i would re run the 1150 scrip again, i did this 3 times and i have not had any sound issues for about a week and a half
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    - do you use any SSDT or DSDT? no and no, clover config.plist only - how is power management/CPU speed handled, all ok? not sure how to test it, but it runs great better than the freezing Yosemite - USB3? All OK? yes - Built in bluetooth and network cards? All OK out of the box? ethernet...
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    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    I’m using an iMac wifi/bluetooth card on a pci-e adapter, I did not try no onboard