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    [GUIDE] MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the ASUS FX503VD

    If you are using a hid keyboard then yes, those ACPI patches are irrelevant. I've checked and AsusSMC is still broken for HID on catalina. For my device, the keyboard is completely broken with AsusSMC installed. Regardless of HID or not, you can try manually finding the methods/objects that it...
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    [GUIDE] MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the ASUS FX503VD

    I believe asussmc is broken with hid keyboards on catalina - unless it's been fixed recently? Don't know what errors you're talking about; post errors, and dsdt here.
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    [GUIDE] MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the ASUS FX503VD

    This is a known issue with asussmc with Catalina, but I recall it has been fixed. You'll need to patch your ACPI. Youll need to patch _QXx, determined by using ACPIDebug and EC Query patch and checking Console while pressing the...
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    [Guide] Lenovo Ideapad battery threshold hotkeys - Battery Conservation mode

    Hey, how did you find what method controlled charging? For my laptop the battery is BAT0, but the methods there don't seem to have any conditionals to determine if it's a correct method.
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    [QUESTION] Battery threshold for ASUS laptop

    Same here - I've poked around in ACPI, and it looks like the bottom part of EC0's regions contain battery related registers. CHGS(arg0) returns BCHG(arg0), which can either return EB1S (arg0) or EB0S (null). Some EC methods Notify (BAT0, 0xXX) - it's possible one of them have something to do...
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    [Guide] Catalina on Optiplex 9020 SFF w/ RX550

    Sorry, I can't help you with just that. Provide specifics; what DGPU (if any), and ultimately please upload debug files. As far as I remember this device doesn't have any HDMI ports - only DP and VGA.
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    [GUIDE] MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 on the ASUS FX503VD

    I no longer have this device. It's also possible your BIOS is different (such as a hardware revision, or simply a new BIOS update), and thus the SSDT+patches I've created won't work. You'll need to follow Rehabman (or another)'s guide on ACPI battery patching; start with static DSDT patching...
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    Asus S14 S410UN : How to make keyboard light off by default on booting

    Again, please follow vanilla opencore/clover guides, then use a guide on this site (or another site) for the S410/X411. The guides for the S5xx work as well with a little adaptation. I've written a guide for the X411 which is nearly identical to the S410. You'll need to make some changes to get...
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    Sleep/Wake issues Mac18,3 Mojave & Catalina

    check that your USB map is correct, that should fix your issue
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    [Guide] Zenbook S14 (X411U, S410U) Mojave/Catalina

    My card reader was USB. Try faking it in order to get apple's pci realtek kext to load
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    [Guide] Catalina on Optiplex 9020 SFF w/ RX550

    I don't remember completely, but faking it as a Sapphire RX550 is done via adding device properties and Whatevergreen. Check config.plist Device Properties/Add for a long device/pci path. The device property entry should have a model string mentioning "RX550", and a few other fields that should...
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    [Guide] Catalina on Optiplex 9020 SFF w/ RX550

    i haven't tried it. i no longer have this device
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    Yoga S740 (Ice Lake) - AptioMemoryFix, Slide Value, couldn't allocate runtime area

    You'll need emulated nvram until it's fixed. For Clover, check EmuVariableUefi (along with AptioMemoryFix or OsxAptioFix*Drv), and Install RC Scripts on Target Volume. For OpenCore, it's a bit more complicated; you can find a guide on gitbook, github, or somewhere here.
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    Can't patch acpi to disable discrete graphics

    For future reference this is how I fixed my GL504GW (2018/19). No matter how I called _SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP._OFF, it would always return AE_NOT_FOUND in Console log. It turns out that PegSsdt wasn't loading, due to duplicate _E4A and _E4B methods - Looking at the logs, there'd be a...