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    Hello i'm new

    Hi. Welcome to the forums. Check out the Buyer's Guide for compatible parts.
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    What is the good idle temp for intel i5 4460 on idle? Is hwmonitor good ?

    Idling at 35 to 45c is considered safe for stock cooled systems. Load temps are your main concern, especially if your system is overclocked. You're fine.
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    My first build, señores

    If you're considering wifi, I recommend this. It works out of the box in macOS Sierra. Great antennas and rather cheap, at least in the UK, should be elsewhere hopefully.
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    Budget Hackintosh

    If its one of them cheap generic ones, I wouldn't trust it. Can you not take a photo of it? post it on here or something.
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    i3 4170 GTX 750 Will it work?

    You never know, it might work for you. Have you tried changing USB ports? Did you select the 3rd Party USB 3.0 kext in MultiBeast? EDIT: From my research, this is probably the more expensive option but will no doubt work. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX. If none of this helps, then I suggest...
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    i3 4170 GTX 750 Will it work?

    Well then, one of these would be your final option It will give you sound through USB, so no kexts needed. eBay have them.
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    Budget hackintosh build from parts on russian market. Will it run? (2017)

    Your components are good. Pascal GPU's have been fully supported since the release of 10.12.4, so you should have no problems getting your 1050 Ti working flawlessly after installing its web drivers. TP-Link wifi adapters work really well in macOS, never had issues with them so fingers cross...
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    i3 4170 GTX 750 Will it work?

    Did you select your audio kext in MultiBeast? ALC887/888b is yours.
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    How to Create a macOS Sierra Public Beta Installation USB

    Had to use this guide because my 7GB USB would not work with UniBeast. Worked.
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    Optical DVD not working

    Hi. Did you try DVD media with Windows or Linux? If not, try one of those two first before assuming the issue is with El Capitan or the Drive itself. The culprit is most likely the former, El Capitan, but could also be the latter, Drive. If your drive fails to read the DVD format in Windows or...
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    Hackintosh unable to boot without Unibeast USB

    If you cant get audio working, you've researched a lot and still no luck, then I suggest you purchase one of those USB 3D sound cards or some other USB audio device. As for your second problem, I haven't a clue to be honest. I had to rely on USB sticks to boot up bootloaders a few years back but...
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    Can I Use Mac and Windows on the same Hackintosh?

    If you have two SSD's in your system, one having windows on it and the other macOS, you should be able to choose your OS from the Clover boot screen. There really is no point reverting to default settings if you intend to run macOS on your computer, unless you no longer wish to run it.