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    Apple Announces October 27th Press Event

    imac update: dropped the 3,5mm jack. now buy :)
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 shows as FirePro D700 in 10.9 Mavericks

    yo guys. i jsut set up my hackintosh with 10.9.4 and clover bootloader. i am confused as **** because i have NO DSDT and clover isn´t set to inject AMD gfx cards. my 7970 3GB works OOTB. is that usual? the UI seems a bit laggy sometimes (maybe usual with a 2650x1600 and a 1920x1080 screen) but i...
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    Asus P8P67-M PRO 10.9.4 CLOVER R2795 Installation Problems

    i gotta push this ... im still stuck after many new tries ... damn
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    Asus P8P67-M PRO 10.9.4 CLOVER R2795 Installation Problems

    Hi there! I "successfully" created a USB Installer off the official CLOVER/MAVERICKS Guide here (loading 10.9.4 from store / clover from source forge). Now, the Stick "works" and boots the OSX Install Routine. After partitioning the disk correctly i started the installation - but that...
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    Intel Pentium N3530 - supported?

    okay - thanx for that infos :)
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    Intel Pentium N3530 - supported?

    hi there. i wonder if this cpu and its gpu is supported ... cpu seems to work (checked the features on the intel site) but can´t find detailed informations about the intel gpu in there. what you think, guys?
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    [Success] SynGatesFan200s Intel NUC DC3217BY Thunderbolt Edition/Non-Thunderbolt edition

    anyone else got this in console? 28.01.14 23:01:59,566 Google Chrome[201]: CGSCopyDisplayUUID: Invalid display 0x41dc9d00 i did NOT install the capri FB as this made me lose acceleration ... but i guess it has to do with the fact, that i´m using vanilla files - just GE YES and IGP...
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    Using an Android device as Screen for OSX

    cheerio! i just finished my NUC built and now i have somthing i can´t stop thinking about. besides using this machine as a multimedia-box i want to use it to play my e-drums with it, which i did with my macbook air before. now, that i have no screen in the room with my edrum, i want to...
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    [Success] SynGatesFan200s Intel NUC DC3217BY Thunderbolt Edition/Non-Thunderbolt edition

    thanx sir, that worked. everythings running now. afetr installing the patched capri framebudder it seems like i lost accelleration. i just used the kext ´cause overscaling and underscaling didnt work. now i have to search for the vanilla framebuffer from 10.9.1 as i was too freakin stupid to...
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    [Success] SynGatesFan200s Intel NUC DC3217BY Thunderbolt Edition/Non-Thunderbolt edition

    recommended this post. long time no hackintosh so i´m a bit out of it. i am stuck here (see attachment). if i boot from stick (unibeast) and chose the installation to boot, it works fine. can anyone help me with this? i using the latest bios 048 with the dsdt.aml in this post. fallowed the...
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    Problem with Intel HD3000 GE=Yes & disabled optimus GT640M

    does this mean that you have nvidia and intel runnin? or just the 3000 series. i am about to buy this maschine and i dont know what version to buy. i dont need nvidia gfx if it´s not supported. and it would be VERY cool, if you can do a very short list of what is needed to get this machine...
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    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    that was fast - now it worx :) thanx! gonna flash this baby now and goi´n to try a clean install
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    Asus 1155 Patched BIOS Repository

    the rom for P8P67m-PRO is corrupted (CRC) checked on WOBZIP (online) and on different machines. does anyone have a valid modded bios for this board handy? i wann do a clean install - would be cool heres the link to the source: ...
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    DSDT-Help for LENOVO E320 (i3-2310m, hd3000...)

    years gone by and now i wanna be back in osx86 as i sold my last apple device. can anybody help me build a DSDT for my machine? DSDT-less multibeast-method didn´t work proper. tell me what to do in ubuntu to get a proper aml file for you and i would be VERY thankfull if you help me. i guess...
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    310m/Intel GPU Optimus

    this sucks ... damn :( you just beaten down all my hope with a big hit. so i have to think about giving my new baby back as long i have 2 weeks of moneyback. i was thinking that this should be possible very soon as it sounded very close to 330m in mbpro. arrgh