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    FYI: HWSensors has been updated to 6.26

    Full binary install of 6.26 with all the Kexts included via Kext Wizard. In 6.26, for Pascal cards, GPU and Memory readings are disabled, suppressing the Kernel Panic.
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    FYI: HWSensors has been updated to 6.26 This includes the fix for Kernel Panics with Pascal GPUs by disabling clock speed readings from the GPU. If you are unable to get any clock speed or memory speed readings from your Pascal GPU, this is normal. This is the only way to suppress the KP...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (378.05.05.25)

    Photoshop doesn't use CUDA much, Premiere and After Effects do though.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (378.05.05.25)

    Hold off on this update for now if you use the Adobe apps. The accompanying CUDA update is not out yet.
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    What was your primary reason for building a hackintosh?

    I built one to render native Apple ProRes that can be accepted by broadcasters. They will not accept anything less than APPLE PRORES because even if a third party solution is licensed by Apple, the quality factor will never be equal to ProRes content rendered out of native OSX ProRes encoders.
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    How to install driver of gtx1060 or use onboard gpu in sierra?

    Your integrated iGPU in the i5 will be able to be accelerated. The Pascal GPU will never be accelerated. We've been waiting for way too long for web drivers for Pascal and at some point we just have to give up. The GTX 770 is a good card if you intend to run triple boot Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    I also gave up. I'm buying a 770 4GB to supplement my 1060 and for compatibility with Linux open source drivers. Nvidia will never release the full firmware blobs for for Maxwell going forward. Sorry, there comes a point where you have to say "never."
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    List of Confirmed Radeon HD 7xxx Series (10.8.3+)

    Really? I run Sierra and that's not the case anymore. You need to do a Kext info.plist modification to get it working. Even then it only works when 2 monitors are present.
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    AMD R9 270 doesn't work properly after 10.10.3 update

    Did the patching myself using Terminal, nano and "sudo -s" and I can tell you I got this working by patching both of those files for the R7 250 by patching in 0x66101002 into the line below IOPCIMatch in AMD7000Controler.kext and the same 0x66101002 in AMDVerdeGraphicsAccelerator in...
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    SIERRA Xeon E5-2670 - GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI (BIOS F4) - 32GB - EVGA GTX 670 - SSD 256GB Crucial

    Done. Does this enable use of a R7 250 with the right FakeID? And how bad is the black screen issue with this system definition? Edit: I can't disable SIP with my current boot arguments. The fix for graphics for the MacPro6,1 definitions need SIP disabled. Went back to iMac14,2
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    Thanks to txongoku for these: -v dart=0 darkwake=0 kext-dev-mode=1 rootless=0 cpus=1 npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No UseKernelCache=No acpi=off USBBusFix=Yes nv_disable=1 Remember, a SSDT is required to be in the EFI partition in CLOVER/ACPI/patched for the USB 2.0 ports to...
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    Installing Sierra on GA-X79s-UP5 system

    I had to use a SSDT to ensure my USB ports worked in the Unibeast install. If your USBs go out with no SSDT in the ACPI/patched folder, you HAVE to have a SSDT for this board in there. There's also a Fresco Logic chip fix out there. The "Fresco FL1009 USB 3.0 Device ID Patch"
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    SIERRA Xeon E5-2670 - GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI (BIOS F4) - 32GB - EVGA GTX 670 - SSD 256GB Crucial

    I've tried F5f, doesn't allow the installer to continue. Only F4 works for Sierra install with a SSDT in ACPI/patched. F5f SOMETIMES works though once you get past the installer. OSXAptioFix2Drv can kernel panic on F5f. BTW, I can't really confirm if transfer speeds are USB 3.0 with...