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    Nvidia 550Ti Sleep / Wake / Freeze Thread

    Random freezes? What were ya doin when it froze? Just wondering...
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    Z77X-UD5H Audio Woes

    hmmm...did you select userDSDT but with NO dsdt on desktop when you ran multibeast?
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    Z77X-UD5H Audio Woes

    what BIOS version are you using? I had similar problems, BIOS update F7 fixed my problem. Good luck..
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    Build not turning on

    did you download the dsdt for your mobo and run multibeast after lion install? edit: i just re read that you did run multibeast.... did you put the dsdt on your desktop after the lion install?
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    Tagny Daggarts's Build - Core i7-3770K - GA-Z77X-UD5H F7

    what bios firmware version do you have? Make sure you follow toledas guide here...and for me I had to plug my audio to the orange port in the back....
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    Default Size of 10.7.4 stock install

    i5osx...thanks!! that helped quite a bit!!
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    HP z400

    What type of mobo is it? And have you tried bios updates? Or resetting default values on bios, then setting AHCI?
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    Basic setup

    Pointers: read... Read a little more and finally read some more...Good luck!
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    Problems with GA-Z77X-UD5H and Multibeast

    Toleda wrote a great guide on how to setup sound on ivy bridge. My audio comes out of the orange port in the back and also make sure you've got the correct BIOS version. I had the right setup in the software but took me a couple of days to...
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    New to Hackintosh and Computer Building

    1. Get an Intel i7 CPU with an 1155 socket to match the Motherboard's socket. Yes..Very important, if not youll have to either send back the CPU or the MOBO. They have to match 2. The Mother Board is a Z77 so there is a possability im good without the Chipset you mentioned.Z77 chipset on the...
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    First Hackintosh - Windows Experience

    ive been running solid on my MBP for the last 8 months on: Intel 320 Series SSDSA2CW160G3B5 and have been running my hackintosh for the last month on: OCZ Agility 3 AGT3-25SAT3-60G agree with Fantastic on this one for the biostar mobo...good luck and post results if you go ahead...
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    New to Hackintosh and Computer Building

    the i7 type CPU has different sockets types...each type has its pros/cons and can be geared for different applications... Older i7s have lower clock speeds, and higher power consumptions... the newer ones have higher clock rates (frequency) and lower power consumptions and also take advantage...
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    New to Hackintosh and Computer Building

    youve got a 1366 socket CPU with a 1155 socket MOBO.. you might want to go with the 1155 Sandy or Ivy Bridge i7/5 cpu..... as far as 2 video cards, youll only be able to take advantage of SLI/Crossfire in Windows... You can have 2 cards in OsX but will not be able to take full advantage....
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    P8Z77-I Cannot download OS lion with UNIBEAST

    are you running the bridgehelper for the your ivy bridge on the USB drive itself?
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    Problems with GA-Z77X-UD5H and Multibeast

    after running bridgehelper and restarting can run multibeast again....add the network adapter kext (again)...hopefully this'll work... hows your audio?