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    List of graphics cards that support Mojave

    AMD R9 Fury X works fine
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    Crashes after reboot from Windows 10

    The same thing happens to me. Mojave crashes on the first attempt, then boots properly, the second time. I found that if you open the bios, then save it without making any changes, my system doesn't crash.
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    Solved > Hackintosh does not use the OC from BIOS

    Check your AVX offset setting in the bios
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    How to Fix iMessage

    My iMessage stopped working after I installed Mojave. I tried the solutions provided here to no avail. I finally booted my Hackintosh drive with my real mac laptop. iMessage worked when running on the real Mac. I then put the drive back in my Hack and iMessage has continued to work properly...
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    8700K won't boot not even BIOS... overclocking

    Should be a clear CMOS jumper on the motherboard. Turn off the system, unplug it and short the jumper
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    This is what I use in the custom flags section of Clover Configurator. Might work for you. uia_exclude=HS03;HS09;HS10;HS11;HS12;HS13;HS14;SS01;SS02;SS03;SS04;SS05;SS07;SS08;SS09;SS10;USR1;USR2
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    i7-8700K just upto 4.3GHz

    Make sure you have the bios in the advanced mode. The AVX offset will be under CPU configuration
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    i7-8700K just upto 4.3GHz

    Check your AVX offset setting. should be zero or auto
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    You need to ensure the thunderbolt card is in the proper slot. You also have to boot into Windows at least once to install the Windows drivers and activate the card. OSX will not show thunderbolt available unless you have a thunderbolt device plugged in and running before you boot.
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    I used ioreg to determine which usb ports to disable. I added this to my config.sys in the boot section using Clover Config uia_exclude=HS03;HS09;HS10;HS11;HS12;HS13;HS14;SS01;SS02;SS03;SS04;SS05;SS07;SS08;SS09;SS10;USR1;USR2 Sleep now works
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    [SOLVED] ASRock Thunderbolt 3 AIC only working after restart from BIOS

    I have an Asrock Taichi Z370. The Thunderbolt card has to be installed in PCIE slot 5. I boot with OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi I have the top of usable lower Dram set to 1gb in the bios. My Thunderbolt card seems to work normally. The Thunderbolt Display camera, Ethernet, and Firewire all...
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    8700k: low Geekbench multicore benchmark?

    I had the same problem with my Asrock Taichi. It was the AVX offset in the BIOS. Change this to 0 or whatever the lowest setting is.
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    ASRock TB3 AIC - Not Booting - Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x9)

    Sorry, I misspoke. Change the Top of usable RAM to 1GB
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    ASRock TB3 AIC - Not Booting - Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x9)

    Try changing the Top of lower usable RAM from dynamic to 1TB and use OsxAptioFix2Drv-2000.efi Make sure the TB3 card is in the correct slot on the motherboard
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    Asrock Z370 Taichi/Thunderbolt/8700K

    Thanks, I'll work on this next week