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    OpenCore not working with TL-WDN4800

    See your signature, I have same system as you (Skylake i5 6500 HD530). Yesterday my AR9287 is not working in Big Sur, although it worked perfectly in Catalina (both Clover and OpenCore). Today I make my wifi card work again when I try to change wifi card's id in info.plist in Artheros40 kext. I...
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    Moved to Big Sur and OpenCore - working minus Wifi/BT

    My AR9287 in TPLink 881ND only work when I change id of wifi card in Info.plist, which use with HS80211Family.
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    [Solved] Successful Big Sur Installation But WiFi Not Working

    I cannot use AR9287 in Big sur, which run perfect in Catalina with Clover and OpenCore. It only works again when I changed my card’s id in Info.plist in Atheros40 kext. It used with HS80211Family.
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    Does the TP Link WDN4800 wifi card works in Big Sur?

    I use AR9287. It is working now. I follow modded HS80211Family and Atheros40 kext in insanelymac post. Let’s edit info.plist of Atheros40 of your wifi chip at post:
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    [Guide] All Atheros on Mojave

    It worked in my system when change from pci168c,2a to pci168c,2e. I use HS80211Family instead of IO80211Family in Big Sur follow this post:
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    [Guide] All Atheros on Mojave

    Thanks for your post. It gives me a good result when my AR9287 is not working in Big Sur. I don’t know why in Mojave and Catalina, I just install IO80211Family and AirPortAtheros40 (which has pci168c,2a value in info.plist) in Kext/other, then my wifi worked. Only when install Big Sur, change...
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    Weird Audio Issue...Dual Boot System

    Sorry but I am also in your situation. Internal speaker had worked. But when I am boot into Windows 10, then Internal speaker is not working. Headphone is OK, but Internal speaker is not. It has icon can be adjust volumn but no sound. Anyone has any idea?
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    << Solved >> USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 Fix

    My Samsung T5 is recognized with these patches belong with other USB 3.0.
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    macOS Catalina 10.15.0 - USB Port-Limit Removal Patch

    It worked for me. Thank you.
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    TL-WDN4800 N900 randomly stops working at high down. speeds

    I updated 10.14.4. This seems to be better than before. My network is more stable.
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    TL-WDN4800 N900 randomly stops working at high down. speeds

    I have same problem with you. Wifi network is random stop connect. In the previous, sometimes it happended. When I am in 10.14.2, or 10.14.3 before supplement update, everything works fine. Can anyone solve this problem?
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    Skylake Intel HD 530 Graphics Glitch Fix

    thanks so much for your solution!
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    [SOLVED] El Capitan boot up issue [cannot mount root, errno = 19]

    How do you fix it? Can you show me step-by-step guide to fix this error?