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    Z490 & Z590

    I'm not fully plugged in to context here, but to answer your question directly as it stands: 10th gen, z590, UHD 630 works fine for VDADecode. WhateverGreen recognizes it by default with proper framebuffer, eg: Devices Properties PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) AAPL,ig-platform-id...
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    October 18th 2021 Apple Event: M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros

    Benchmarking the Apple M1 Max
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    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    No it's not really a beast. Here is typical score for 9th generation 9980XE 18 core: i9-9980XE: 1124 / 15380 Notice that Alder Lake 16-core multicore is not gaining. When Alder Lake E cores come up, it's benching around 16000. Here is typical...
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    Monterey nature-themed wallpaper

    I like your observation. What hits me is the effect of mac UI style evolution in reverse: when going from newer designs to older the changes feel more striking in reverse, like I usually don't look forward to the changes — and since the Jony Ive era of UI it feels like step forward plus step...
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    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    Geekbench single/multicore is a CPU benchmark. It's not affected by GPU, nor I/O, e.g. not affected by graphics card or hard drive. Geekbench completely separates GPU performance into its own benchmark, which they sometimes confusing refer to as "Compute". GPU is not involved at all in...
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    Replace boot ssd with carbon copy clone

    The so-called "legacy" bootable is called legacy by Mike Bombich, maker of CCC. Apple calls it the apfs replication utility, or some such. It got demoted to "legacy" because CCC can't integrate it with the main selling point of CCC, which is the maintenance of incremental bootable backups...
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    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    Please set the AJA test file size to a custom value of a 100G, or more, so it can get its legs under it. So far this demos that M.2 slot lanes run in tandem at PCIe3 speeds. This can be achieved on years old kit.
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    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    Read the low reviews for that Amazon link and the stories give reasons to think this make of drive may subject buyer to bin-sort (luck of draw) problems and maybe controllers that are sub-optimal. Way back in day a company called OCZ wrecked their business over sketchy SSD designs that really...
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    Z690 Chipset and Alder Lake CPUs

    You would be more pleased if that 980 was delivering the 3GB/s throughputs it is designed for. Re sporadic results, note that the AJA test file size is 1GB, which I would expect to overstate throughout because the test never gets the drive fully pumping. These newer drives will have a bursty...
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    New Hackintosh Hero Maximus XIII Intel 11gen 11900K- Bios help

    You could start an OpenCore build using this Hero VIII 10900K EFI as a baseline. This OC 0.7.5 EFI which I know works with 11.5+ and 12.0.1. It might work with earlier macOS if adjustment is made for i225v Ethernet. I've never run anything earlier than Big Sur on my kit. This build is very...
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    General NVMe Drive Problems (Fatal)

    I'm using a new 980 2T under Big Sur previously and updated to Monterey last week. I have not yet seen boot delays re Trim. But I try to avoid booting :/ I tried a more searching on this matter, and found reports on other forums (eg stackexchange) about SSD Trim boot delays dating back before...
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    Monterey 12.0.1 Memory Leak Due to Accessibility Pointer Prefs Summary: Using new Monterey Accessibility custom pointer features, such as size and outline, may eat gigs of RAM, causing system to choke. Problem associated with apps which do lots of pointer switches, e.g...
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    General NVMe Drive Problems (Fatal)

    More thought: If you are not using NVMeFix, try it. If you are using it, try disabling it! Can you boot Windows and run Samsung Magician? If so, check for firmware. Also look at SMART dump any way you can... Is Media Errors > 0? That might be bad for various reasons. It might just cause an...
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    General NVMe Drive Problems (Fatal)

    You might also try trimforce --enable just for grins as well, as it could be that one hand of macOS doesn't know what other is doing re 3prty drives and is working against itself
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    General NVMe Drive Problems (Fatal)

    ...I am not an expert on this particular problem. I started this thread in hopes of raising visibility of looming NVMe issues that are not well understood. For all I know the delay might turn out to not even be about Trim!