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    Stuck producing boot key.

    A while back I successfully created a version of Sierra. I have now upgraded directly to Mojave but have lost sound. My installation guide for Sierra has a sound segment which I have successfully used in the past when I did Sierra updates and lost the sound, but it does not work for my Mojave...
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    / Hackintosh / Audio & Video Freezing /

    Did you ever solve this? I am having a similar issue. I play a video on YouTube and after exactly 15 seconds the sound starts to crackle, after a few more seconds of diminishing sound it disappears and the video freezes. I cannot play a saved video in any player without it doing the same...
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    Soundflower keeps losing sound

    Thanks, toleda. In that there is no known fix I have switched off Soundflower and reverted to the original sound settings. To record video with sound in QuickTime I will have to manually enable Soundflower each time, a pity because it is otherwise a good suite.
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    Soundflower keeps losing sound

    I am running Mavericks 10.9.3 tonymac Hackintosh. In order to record streaming video using QuickTime, I had to install and use Sounflower in order to also record the sound. It works perfectly after I configured everything according to the instructions and I am pleased with the result...