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    Fan Control and Shutdown on Real iMac

    Just to follow up on this, I brought it in before my warranty was up and after 9 days of probing they found a bad sensor on the Display. Had to replace the entire display. I spend an hour with the genius (who was very competent) and picked his brain a bit. None of apples diagnostics found the...
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    I cannot get my machine to boot without my USB.

    Just to update, I did find how to copy to the EFI partition on the hard drive. The trick is no boot flags at all. More is less, apparently.
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    [Success] El Capitan 10.11 on Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 / MSI GTX 970

    Just wanted to add to this for others who have this Motherboard. I have the same MB and my system came right up without any changes on a fresh install. I tried unsuccessfully to upgrade from Mountain Lion to El Capitan 10.11.2 in Jan 2016 and ended up buying a new iMac. I revisited it the other...
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    I cannot get my machine to boot without my USB.

    Did that. Stuck on the gray apple screen with a stuck progress bar. As Usual
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    I cannot get my machine to boot without my USB.

    Im not worried about that. Burning another usb is the least of the failure scenarios. You refer to the EFI partition, but I dont have an EFI partition. It's just a folder. My system disk is 1 partition (as is the USB, as per the instructions). Am I missing something? Also, I'm pretty sure I...
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    I cannot get my machine to boot without my USB.

    Is there some reason this has to be copied to the desktop? I have USB mounted, I can't just 1) Install OS and get to desktop (USB booter is loaded) 2) Install Clover to the HDD 3) Copy over the EFI folder from USB Maybe that's why it never works? The instruction to install clover are very...
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    I cannot get my machine to boot without my USB.

    I have a question to interject here. I'm on my fourth or fifth build, and EVERY SINGLE time the system works beautifully when booting from the USB but it's always a multi-day project to get it to work off the hard drive. Why is this the case? Why can't the boot code from the USB simply be...
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    No mouse or keyboard on clover instal

    The solution for me was to use an older-style keyboard. No work with usb keyboard. Work with round connector keyboard
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    Clean install vs. Upgrade

    I'm debating this myself. My argument against a fresh install is that it's always a lot of work and never works out of the box. Doing a fresh install for say linux or windows is a different animal, because the installations are designed to run on just about any hardware. OSX is exactly the...
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    No Disk Available To Install On

    Unibeast 6 doesn't detect my 8GB Kingston DataTraveler USB. I've tried everything I can think of. I've tried on 2 different systems one running El Capitan and one running Mountain Lion. update: Unibeast 5 does detect it. So there is something up with 6.2. Problem is, I need 6.2 update 2: I...
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    Fan Control and Shutdown on Real iMac

    I've run various diags and they all say everything is fine. I have TG Pro with also shows everything OK, and none of the temps are out of whack. The big problem is that I'm not the only one with this problem; It's fairly prevalent. Numerous people have brought it back to apple, had them reload...
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    Fan Control and Shutdown on Real iMac

    I've had hackintoshes for years (I have an i7 running el capitan that has run flawlessly 24x7 for over a year), and last year I bought a 5k because I wanted something compact with built-in speakers that didn't take up too much desk space. If you ever get that thought yourself, don't do it. It's...
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    Losing Audio

    Im running El Capitan 10.11.2 and I have 2 problems that sort of relate. 1) Every morning the system is powered down. I assume it's the sleep function, but it causes another problem that I wouldn't expect from sleep. 2) I lose audio after the "sleep". It just doesn't work. If I reboot, it...
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    Clover/ElCapitan and older hardware

    wondering if you ever got this running? I can't even run the boot stick (Im actually using a memory card). I get the "No HPETS available" and can't find any way to fix it. One thing that's interesting is that an Apple keyboard works but a Macally doesnt in clover.
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    Boot Options with Chimera or Chameleon

    Ok, I found my problem. I had Instant Menu enabled, which seems to override everything else. Wouldn't "Force Menu" be better? *growl*