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    Clover weird start up behaviour (missing config.plist?)

    After you have edited the config file are you sure that you saved the file back to the EFI folder? Getting the same theme after edit may suggest the edited file is not replacing the original...just a thought.
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    What is the life cycle of a very well-built Hackintosh?

    Indeed true. But even those Apple products get out of date as well...laptops, MacPro, etc. It is just a matter if time when they become obsolete.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (367.15.10.35)

    I too have the same problem, AND the NvidiaWeb portion is in the config.plist. I have also done the usual permission fix etc. but to no avail!
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    The Perfect Customac-Pro: X99-A II, i7-6950X, 128GB G.Skill TridentZ, Aorus GTX 1080 TI Xtreme

    Thank you kip! I have been using Asus X99 boards (Deluxe II, A II and Deluxe) with the 6950X and had managed to get Yosemite and El Cap installed using a variety of frustrating methods. Yesterday I tried your method (TO THE 'T') and both my machines and four SSDs were up and running, all...
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    [SOLVED] Slow connection 100baseT

    I had similar problem with a Z170 system. I did like you...change drivers, fix permissions, pull hair and finally found the problem as being the LAN cable. Perhaps this will not help your problem but fixed mine!
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    Bought a 6850K - need advice

    I have an ASUS X99Deluxe II that is up and running on the 6950X. I was guided by the following - There is of course quite a bit of advice on this board which is a good place to...
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    Super Fast mac - Build Advice

    I am not sure about the motherboard but my 6950X works (on an ASUS X99-Deluxe II) with el Capitan as well as Sierra. With the latter I have some trouble with web drivers for the video card so I dropped back down to ElCap. It is indeed a speedy demon.
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    OS X Default Graphics Driver overriding NVIDIA Web Driver

    If you have another Mac and you have set screen sharing on, on the test machine then you can check if the machine has fully booted into OSX and if the driver is loaded. I have the same problem on my X99/6950X boots half way with the Apple logo then the monitor goes to sleep. When I...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.0 (367.15.10.05)

    Try at the clover boot screen to uncheck nvda=1 and check nv-disable=1...then boot
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    New Method for Enabling NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover

    My solution on the Z170 system is to make sure post #1 is followed. The Nvidia driver should be in place (367.15.10.05f01). After updating to 10.12.1 the driver will be disabled but still there. My solution (and credit belongs elsewhere to another member on TonyMac86 whom I cannot remember -...
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    New Method for Enabling NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover

    I have exact same effect on my system (X99-Deluxe II/6950X/Sierra Beta) whilst on my other more 'standard' system the Nvidia driver is working fine and all is well. Try booting with nv-disable=1 as the web driver just plain does not work. This should get you to your screen but with no...
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    Black screen halfway the boot screen (with Nvidia Web Drivers)

    Rebooted with Beta 5 now I am locked in at a resolution that is not even worth mentioning! Aside from the beta 5 update, the web driver that I modified for Beta 4 is now not I will make it compatible and see what the effect is...
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    Black screen halfway the boot screen (with Nvidia Web Drivers)

    I have the same problems with my X99 system but no problems with my Z170 system. It appears from what I have read the only common denominator is Sierra. Different cables, graphic cards, motherboards, CPU etc provide no relief. Even then different Sierra systems (release and subsequent beta...
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    X99-UD4 - R9-290x - black screen after install

    And voila...on a reboot it did not and I cannot repeat m,y initial success. I deselected and reselected as in my earlier post to no avail... That has me really baffled.
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    X99-UD4 - R9-290x - black screen after install

    So I followed the post that you mentioned. Changed to iMac17.1, ran AGDPfix and rebooted with Web driver not enabled and nvda=1. Voila as they say now I am running with the Nvidia driver working and acceleration as it should be. Not sure if this will survive a reboot and setting the web driver...