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    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

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    Clover boot menu freezes

    4769 restart ad infinitum, in my case. I had to reuse 4630 again.
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (378.05.05.25)

    I´m in the same way. GTX-970 + X79-UDP4 mainboard. - Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1314) - Nvidia WebDriver-378.05.05.25f07 - Webdriver Boot Flag - uncheck nv_disable = 1 - iMac 14,2 - nvram - Clover 4411 No kernel loaded, so... no screen acceleration. 4K panel running in 1600x1200 Resolution Any ideas...
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    Post OS X Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Cinebench CPU and Graphics Benchmarks i5-4670K and an historical well done GPU, ATI Radeon HD 5850.
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    Post OS X Yosemite Geekbench Benchmarks i5-4670k (4.09 Ghz)
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    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    Working fine and fast. Needed to install Multibeast from zero again (DSDT Free). As it was the first installation. Good job !
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    OS X Yosemite is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    In Spain, Yosemite loaded & ready for Hack installation tools.... ;)
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    Apple Releases OS X Yosemite "Golden Master" GM Candidate to Developers

    Really running better than before, this Golden Master. When UniBeast for 10.10 ?
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    MultiBeast 6.4 Update

    MultiBeast 6.1 + TRIM Enabler, continue to be the best option for non 9 Series...
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    Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5 Mavericks Guide

    10.9.1 solve any weakness ?
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    OS X 10.9.1 Update

    Anyone knows if 10.9.1 introduce LGA2011 support ?
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    Mavericks SMB2 Problem.

    Other way to connect to the Server is to "unmark" AFP in clients Control Panel....and only use SMB.
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    Mavericks SMB2 Problem.

    I have Mavericks Server running 4 clients (2 Mavericks, and 2 Mountain Lion), if I try to connect to the Server to share files, or to use Time Machine no connection is posible. Validation password error occurred. Instead using afp:// (my Server IP) I use cifs://