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    Mavericks Partition stuck in hibernate mode.

    I used Clover to boot from my SSD Backup to make this post. When I rebooted it no longer said "Macintosh SSD (Hibernate)" and booted as expected. So if this happens to you try booting from another volume and maybe it'll just work itself out. I don't know. At a certain point sometimes I...
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    Mavericks Partition stuck in hibernate mode.

    I have tried all the boot options using the spacebar from the boot menu in Clover and nothing seems to get it out of hibernate. Is there a way to just force it to boot again? I don't need anything I was working on. I tried using Safeboot but had no luck. Any ideas?
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    On the home stretch getting iMessage working w/ Clover - but it's using a UUID and SN from Chameleon

    I got so excited about getting a reply. I guess this will just get locked and I'll continue doing this :banghead:
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    On the home stretch getting iMessage working w/ Clover - but it's using a UUID and SN from Chameleon

    On the home stretch getting iMessage working w/ Clover - but it's using a UUID and SN from Chameleon??? For weeks I've been struggling with iMessage, constantly getting the red "this user is not registered with imessage" error. At the advise on someone on a forum I switched from Chameleon to...
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I've now switched to Chameleon, Chameleon Wizard is pointed to smbios.plist - generated a few times. Used both NVRAM.dylib files. All cache files have been dumped. Ethernet Built in Checked. Still getting logged out.
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    How to Fix iMessage

    But I am using Chimera 2.2.1 so I do not have a org.chameleon.Boot.plist Honestly, if I could go back to chameleon I would since it had a countdown before booting up to a certain volume. Looks like Chimera forces a selection.
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    How to Fix iMessage

    I've followed every step in this thread but still having issues. iMessages signs in briefly. For a split second. Long enough for me to see a notification on my Macbook Air. Then the message "your apple id ____ can't be used to setup iMessages at this time" returns. I've played with smbios...
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    What's the current state of iMessage functionality? Mine isn't working, any current fixes?

    This is where I'm at. I reboot and my UUID is changing on every reboot. Going to reboot now and see if iMessages works after the reboot.
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    TL-WDN4800 issues

    No dice. Can't wait for a fix. Ordering a Ethernet over Powerline adaptor.
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    Wifi Stopped Working - TP-LINK TL-WDN4800

    I am experiencing the same issue. The signal is there but my machine just won't do anything on the internet. It doesn't happen with web browsing, oddly. It only occurs when I try to watch a video on Youtube, play a song on spotify or start a download. If I had to guess it occurred when I...
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    TL-WDN4800 issues

    This is going to be the first thing I try. I have an Airport Extreme and I've never had an issue until I updated to 10.8.4 The connection to the router works but the internet activity just craps out.
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    Disconnecting from Internet, but not WiFi

    I'm experiencing this intermittently after updating to 10.8.4. I have an Airport Express (set to N only) and do not experience connectivity issues in Windows 7 or on other devices.
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    Putting together GA-Z77-DS3H w/ 660 Ti for a friend tomorrow - multibeast settings? golden build pos

    My friend is putting together an i7 GA-Z77-DS3H tomorrow. The guides I've glanced over are mixed on whether or not to put the GPU in before/after the install. I have the same card and seem to remember having it in during my install and it worked flawlessly. It's a Keplar card and has been...
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    Setting up an ExFat Raid-0 in OS X to be supported by Windows 7

    I have 2 SSDs and 3 Hard Drives currently. I have OS X on one SSD and Windows 7 on the other. Right now I have all my large file in OS X on a HFS+ software raid which is backedup to a the third hard drive. I'm wondering if I can use the software Raid function in both OSes to get full...
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    random freeze

    Mine is running great now as well, I only replied so that other users would know the solution to my issue.