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    "Failure configuring Windows updates. Reverting changes. Do not turn off your computer" error when y

    Sorry if this has been brought up previously. I searched but couldnt find anything on this. I have recently had failure when windows 7 tries to install security update kb3033929. After some searching I found the information below but I'm not sure the best way to proceed. Should I unplug the...
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    [Updated] wildwillow's Haswell Build: GA-Z87X-OC - i7-4770K - HD4600+GT 640

    Hello wildwillow, I never got Mavericks working without the random freezing so I'm about to try to reinstall it and/or update to Yosemite. There isnt anything useful on the drive so I dont need to preserve anything. Quick questions 0 would you recommend attempting Mav again or just go to...
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    Would you get an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

    6+ bigger screen for everything and I don't plan on getting tablet. I think I'll do my real computing on a computer
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    [Updated] wildwillow's Haswell Build: GA-Z87X-OC - i7-4770K - HD4600+GT 640

    I have a similar build with the freezing issue. Originally I used and i5 processor but just change to the i7-4770K hoping that would help. It didn't. Like several other people I am hoping to find some idea to fix it
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    I swapped processor now I have no mouse in osx, windows still works

    I got windows working again but I'm not sure if I really fixed anything. Last time I started the machine and selected the windows drive to boot from I noticed that the order had changed. Since I first assembled the machine the "system reserved" selection was right next to osx but now one of...
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    I swapped processor now I have no mouse in osx, windows still works

    I buillt this with z87x ud7 th and i5 4690. It's been working for about a month but with random lockups in osx. Since most other people used the i7 4770k I put one of those in and now when the system boots the mouse is dead. keyboard works but no mouse :-( While I had it open I also added an...
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    General Advice Needed for my first Hackintosh build...

    I just put together my first build about a month ago. My best advice on which parts to buy would be for you to copy exactly the parts in a successful build that someone has already done, preferably one of the guys who works here. This will give you the greatest chance of compatibility and...
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD7-TH - Install Outline, Test: File Copy Results

    Hi Pixelstand, (others feel free to comment) I have a similar build that I put together about a month ago.One difference is that I used an i5 processor from the recommended hardware list. Unfortunately I still have random freezing. I was wondering if your machine is still running well and if...
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    Location of mavericks update download

    Ok, thank you. I guess ill shut off and restart and hope for the best. Just in case i have been reading up on making the update work but I'd rather not go through that. Thanks again!
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    Location of mavericks update download

    Thanks but I don't see it there. Don't see it in download or desktop either. There was a message window saying that it had downloaded and was ready to install but I didn't install it (unless it happened without me knowing). When I go to system update now it does not show 10.9.4 available for...
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    Location of mavericks update download

    My machine recently downloaded the update for 10.9.4 but I do not want to install it. Where is the downloaded file, so I can delete it? I have since changed the settings in system preferences/appStore to stop automatic downloads. Thanks!
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    Constant freezes after 10.9.3

    I recently put together my first machine so my only option was 10.9.3. I have thez87x ud 7 th motherboard and I'm having the same freezes as you guys. Looking forward to trying the fixes in this thread.
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    Problems with Intel HD 4600 resolution on Mavericks 10.9.3

    Just in case someone comes across this thread like I did, with intel onboard video resolution issues here is what worked for me. I needed 1600 x 1200 for my monitor. The monitor has VGA and DV inputs but my other computer was on the DV so I wanted the new one on the VGA. Samsung SyncMaster...