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    Can I make an HP Pavilion 15-ab233na into a hackintosh?

    I wanted to know if it was possible to make it into a hackintosh. I've attempted before with no success so asking again hoping for some good news. Specs: Intel Core i3-5157U 8GB of DDR3 RAM BIOS MODE UEFI BIOS VERSION Insyde F.81, 25/07/2016
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    HP Pavilion 15 - Mac Os Sierra

    Thanks for the reply but I don't get it one bit to be honest... :(
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    HP Pavilion 15 - Mac Os Sierra

    Hi I won an HP Pavilion 15-ab233na 15.6" Laptop Intel Iris, Core i3 5157u and I've been trying to install Mac Os Sierra on it but when I get to the Clover Boot menu and choose to Install Mac OS from USB it starts then stops at the Apple logo with an empty bar at the bottom and stays like that...