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    ATAPI Zip drive on a Hackintosh... Pipe Dream?

    This piqued my interest as I dimly remember using Zip drives back in the day briefly, briefly because they were unreliable in my experience. I remember the unreliable part more clearly. I am assuming the Zip drives are formatted with the MacOS journaled format that is still readable in MacOS. If...
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    Dual Monitor not working Catalina

    Your problems might be solved with even a low end AMD GPU
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    Help Catalina setup

    Are you certain your CPU/chipset is supported in Catalina?
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    After Catalina 10.15.4 Update, "Boot Install macOS" Is Still on Clover Boot Menu Screen

    Sorry to tell you that I ran the Combo update and had the same problem! So clearly the Combo update is still the problem for some and not the cure. One can always hide that boot option using Clover Configurator, what I did.
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    macOS 10.15.4 Update

    At the second boot using the combo update I got the message: MacOS could not be installed . . .The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk -69793. However when I boot back into Catalina About this Mac says it is now Version 10.5.4 (19E266) like those that post their successful...
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    Giving up on Catalina (for now)

    I have a Maximus Hero/i7 6700k with a Gigabyte 580. There is a mild overclock on the CPU. I could not upgrade a cloned Mojave or install Catalina from a USB stick so I sort of cheated and installed Catalina to a new SSD using a Macbook Pro and a USB/SSD adapter. Its not installing the OS that...
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    Hackintosh with Catalina and Final cut Pro X

    Since Apple does not use/support nVidia in any current machine it sells and has not for years Catalina and FCP are configured to run best on the high end machines that Apple sells. All of them have AMD GPUs. Your CPU/chipset can run Catalina with an appropriate AMD GPU. You would likely get a...
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    Thanks to all for help. The nuclear option seems to have worked along with using Clover Configurator to clone the EFI. I am booted now from the clone via SATA.
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    That seemed like a great idea but it did not change anything. For reasons I can not fathom my impression is that Clover seems to be ignoring the contents of the configp file when I try to directly boot the clone. I may try wiping the drive again (as in diskpart/clean), reformat and clone again...
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    Good suggestion, thanks. This is a screen shot from Hackintool with the Catalina Clone plugged in with a USB adapter identified as disk 9 and the EFI partition as 9S1. I believe that replicates the partition scheme shown above? Is that wrong?
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    The black screen is the least of my problems trying to directly boot from my Catalina clone. The WEG kexts on the original and the clone are identical, one boots one black screens. This should not be. Nor would that explain why the clover boot/splash screen has the wrong theme and does not...
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    Thanks, but been there/done that too many times to count.
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    Solved > Can not clone Catalina EFI partition

    I have used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my Catalina installation to a larger SSD. I have copied the EFI partition in a variety of ways but nothing gets the clone to boot on its own either via USB or SATA. No matter how I install or copy the EFI partition from the original to the clone it boots...
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    New Build... and some problems

    Have you tried turning off the onboard iGPU to see what happens? If you have the iGPU set as primary that could be why you don't see anything until the operating system initializes its driver.