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    Airdrop El Capitan 10.11

    Congrats on the 100% working build. And thanks for posting back on what worked for you.
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    Chicken or egg? Help wrap my brain around my dual purpose machine!

    Although my build is different than yours, I have seen those sporadic issues in the past that seemed to be related some to some USB thing, and hopefully this will help. I noticed you are using IOGear GBU521 for your bluetooth, in my case, particularly after installing, or after running updates...
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    Stuck at the apple logo screen

    I am not the best one at this yet, so not quite sure from the screenshot, but my first question would be... are you able to boot into Safe Mode (with "-v -x")? Because if you can, chances are that the conflict is in one of the other kexts that are loaded. When my machine encountered that, I...
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    Cannot load unless with -x. Haswell Refresh i5 4460 model, Gigabyte Z97-UD3H

    Same issue for me, Mobo is Asus Z87-A, with i5 4670K... everything was booting fine until I decided to upgrade to 10.9.4 (since upgrades for 10.9.1, 10.9.2, and 10.9.3 were fine...) Now I am having all sorts of issues, 6 days so far... have started brand new installs, and it is still not...
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    Won't Boot without safe mode.

    There are a couple of different ways (depending on how comfortable you are). A more visual way would likely be: 1. Boot into safe mode (with the -x flag) 2. In the finder (or through Terminal), go to System/Library/Extensions 3. Find ElliotForceLegacyRTC.kext and delete it (it will likely ask...
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    Crashes and beach balls with logitech c920 webcam

    I am running exactly into this issue now, did you ever find a solution?
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    Webcam on hackintosh??

    Also running into this issue with the C920... has anyone gotten this to work?