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    Shutdown, Restart not Working after Clover Update >5122

    Hello, After upgrading from clover 5122 to 5127, shutdown and standby no longer work. I used OCQuirks before. My board also needs the EmuVariableUefi driver. When I go back to 5122 everything is fine again. Any idea why the shutdown stopped working. The Machine simple stucks on the blank...
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    macOS 10.15.4 Supplemental Update

    You was faster. But thats the Trick. Pressing F11 in clover Menu before start the update. After the First Boot you ll See the new volume in clover.
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    Unexpected waking up from sleep

    Hello everybody, I have the problem that my Hackintosh unexpectedly wakes up from hibernation. As Wake Reason, the following is displayed: 00:18:17.449906+0200 localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: XDCI CNVW 2019-08-10 00:18:17.449909+0200 localhost...
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    You can try to edit the X86PlatformPlugin with Piker Alphas script.
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    An iDiot's Guide To Lilu and its Plug-ins

    Set your Layout ID to 1 in Clover Settings: Devices --> Audio --> Inject: 1 Restart Update: Remove all the Devices Properties. ALC1150 should work only with Lilu + AppleALC and inject 1
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    This is my output after more than 1 Hour. Idle, Surfing and one Benchmark. No more than 7 P-States in AppleIntelInfo.kext, but IPG looks good. Attached the complete debug Files, IPG Screenshot after Benchmark and the AppleIntelInfo Output-Text. SMBIOS was Imac19,2, which matches exactly my...
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    Toleda means you should run a benchmark while AppleIntelinfo.kext is loaded (like Cinebench). After the Benchmark is finished let the system idle for a few minutes. After that check the data from AppleIntelInfo.kext again: sudo cat /tmp/AppleIntelInfo.dat @toleda I think with iMac 19,x System...
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    Asus Prime Z390-P Disable Power LED flashing while in Sleep

    Hello, I just upgraded my Motherboard from a Gigabyte to an Asus Prime Z390-P. I noticed when I put my Hackintosh to sleep that the power LED on my Case is flashing, like the old MacBooks. On the Gigabyte Motherboard the LED was completely off. How can I switch the Power LED off on the Asus...
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    pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WI-FI AC) build w/ i9-9900K + AMD Vega 56

    Has anyone managed to get Netflix running in Safari and with other smbios like iMacPro1,1? I have a Coffe Lake CPU and a AMD RX580. Netflix in Safari works only with smbios imacPro1,1 with my hardware.
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    I already tried Mac mini. iMac19,2 has also an i3-8100 Coffee Lake. I only get 7 P-States in AppleIntelInfo.kext
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    I see the exact same behavior with my I3-8100. The processor matches iMac19,2. Its also in the real iMac19,2. But with this SMBIOS the low Frequency goes only to 1,3GHz and also AppleIntelInfo.kext shows me seven P-States instead of 29. With SMBIOS 18,x the low frequency from the processors goes...
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    But the real iMac 19,2 Gas the exact Same Processor i3-8100 coffee lake.
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    Is your CPU Power Management fine with 19.1? How many p-states you get with AppleIntelInfo.kext? I have the Problem That i get only 7 p-states with iMac 19.x definition. With 18.x i See all p-states with AppleIntelInfo.kext
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    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    I have an i3-8100 Coffe Lake, so I use it as smbios imac 19.2. With smbois 19,2 I only get 7-PStates under AppleIntelInfo.kext. When I use Smbios 18.3, all PStates are displayed under AppleIntelInfo.kext. Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior? With both smbios X86PlatformPlugin is...
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    @mattystonnie Which Smbios do you use?