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    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs - What Will it be Called?

    Mac OS X 10.9 appears in Google Analytics logs Gotta give another +1 for Maru. 8-)
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    GA-x58A-UD3R Snow Installation failure

    Well, sounds like you're doing everything right. I have almost exactly the same machine myself, and if you're BIOS was set up for a Hackintosh before with a previous OS version, then it should run 10.6 and 10.7 just fine. My BIOS version is 2.0 FA. You should be able to tell during the boot...
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    Are You Still on Snow Leopard? Why or Why Not?

    Well after a weekend of messing around and a few days getting settings how I like I'm taking 10.7.4 for a test drive. Not a big fan of some of the changes, but I did notice a definite increase in CPU and GPU performance. Not sure if this is due to a brand new install or just updated software...
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    Will hackintosh be easier and more stable upoun NEW OS X?

    Well, it's pretty easy to install now. Hard part is getting everything perfect after that. ;) Thing is, Apple's focus is to their own ends, and not necessarily with the aims of Hackintosh users. :D
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    gtx 260 snow leopard - screen goes black after boot logo

    Neither do I. ;) But if you start with an earlier version of 10.6, that might help. For some reason my other post has been deleted for 'mentioning an alternative' for installing Mac OS, which makes no sense to me since I've discussed it before when I first came here with any issues. Both...
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    gtx 260 snow leopard - screen goes black after boot logo

    It's funny, I've having the exact same issue, but only after trying to update my Snow Leopard to 10.7.4. I can get to 10.7 just fine it seems, but right after installing Multibeast then rebooting, it starts exactly as you describe. :/ My 10.6.8 is running normally, but since the exact same...
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    Roomate just got a 4530s: some Negative thoughts...

    First thought is you'll never get the quality and performance of a real MacBook for $450 unless you get lucky and buy a real one used and in great condition. But even then, it won't be new with the latest hardware. Second thought is, you get what you pay for. Current cheapest real MacBook...
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    Your First Computer

    Hmm, lets see... Very first one was the Magnavox Odyssey. Then the Atari 2600. Then briefly a Colecovision. On to the original Compaq Portable. (Which was a 28 lbs. suitcase. Think about that next time you complain about your 5 lbs. laptop. :P Then came the Commodore 64. (The original...
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    Losing Hair on Graphics Cards!! Please help - buying advice

    When adding new Widgets to the Dashboard you'll see a 'ripple' as if you placed it in water. It's a simple indication that graphics acceleration and effects are working correctly when testing your video.
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    Anyone built a 1U rack hackintosh?

    Well, I built a 3U Hackintosh. :) Eh, maybe a 4U, I'd have to measure it again. :P Lol. Like you, I was looking to get one in my rack, but found it far more cost effective to go with a traditional PC case that suited my needs better than a dedicated rack-mount case that was far more expensive...
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    Are You Still on Snow Leopard? Why or Why Not?

    4 Macs in the house, one old PPC Mac Mini on 10.5, two Intel Mac Mini's on 10.6.8 and my i7 Hackintosh on 10.6.8. So three possible machines could run Lion, just no real reason to. All of them are working perfectly (knock wood) so I see no reason to give myself an updating headache getting...
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    Advice on realiable build

    Hehe. In these types of situations, I've found a fully bootable back up to be a lifesaver. ;) Carbon Copy Cloner is your friend. 8-)
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    Advice on realiable build

    Well, I can tell you after being in a similar boat for quite a while, I took the plunge and joined the Hackintosh club. And I can tell you from my first build (specs in my signature) I started in July of 2010 has been running near flawlessly. I have lost no functionality compared to any...
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    iStat readings

    Congrads! :thumbup:
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    iStat readings

    I use a Mugen-2 rev B Cooler myself. The current equivalents for your particular case would be located here: ... toreType=1 Since you didn't build it yourself, it's more than likely the cooler is just not seated properly, or has the incorrect amount of...