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    [Guide] Laptop backlight control using AppleBacklightFixup.kext

    Depending on my 10.14.4 installation are clean install or editing on current installation, SSDT-PNLF work with few EDID patch. With default LGD0215 EDID on a clean install, brightness control show and work perfectly. After patch to inject 9C7C, A030 and various Apple MacBook Color LCD PID still...
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    Adding/Using HiDPI custom resolutions

    For 'RDM' menu style, i'm founded a simple way is patching two HEX bytes, it's your display panel dimensions. In my case the dimension for my 15.6 LGD0215 is not fit to 331x207mm form of 15.4 Retina display panel. So, i'm patching my EDID to get 300x200mm - EDID just have two digit (30x20cm) -...