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    Enable Facebook Integration on Mountain Lion

    Thanks! Works for me too!
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    HELP - Invalid Sibling Link - Stuck at Gray Apple Logo

    I get same error when booting with rBoot. I could only use rBoot to boot the xMove Lion installer. Hope someone can figure this out. I can look at a fresh install but if the resolution can be posted here, that would be a great help to anyone. Thanks.
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    HELP - Invalid Sibling Link - Stuck at Gray Apple Logo

    My Lion install (10.7.2) was working fine and awesome then suddenly I get stuck at gray apple screen logo. This is the first time I received this error. Can anyone help me with this? This is the error (-v flag): Running fsck on the boot volume... ** /dev/rdisk1s2 (NO WRITE) ** Root file...
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    Recommended wireless card

    I happened to see a tip from an article that helped me to enable this. Hope this helps you and everybody else enable the AirDrop. Enable AirDrop
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    Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet & AirDrop On Unsupported Macs

    It worked for me. Image003.png
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    Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet & AirDrop On Unsupported Macs

    On this article from OSXDaily, one commented "Works on the tonyMacX Hackintosh build, excellent tip!" Might be something helpful to others. Here's how to as stated in the page: You can enable AirDrop with Ethernet and enable AirDrop support on unsupported Macs running OS X 10.7+ by using the...
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    Facetime Error?

    Has anyone tried the Chimera 1.5.4 Update with Facetime fix? I have not tried it yet cause I'm at work. See more details at: ... e-fix.html
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    Why do you want to build your own Hackintosh?

    I love the GUI, it's very neat and simple. And the softwares of course are very useful. I don't know if others can notice but the Movie playback color quality in Quicktime is way different in Windows Media player. OS X gives the best user experience. Hackintosh is the best alternative to install...
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    Lion Retail Install on G41M-Combo

    Use EFI Studio to add the strings. When the EFI Studio write the codes it will automatically be saved at \\Library\Preferences\SystemConfiguration\ Just open it and copy the strings for device properties to your at \Extra folder. This solved my problem...
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    Mac OS X 10.7.1 Update - The Official Thread

    Updated and didn't have to make any post installation. :thumbup:
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    Facetime Error?

    Thanks Tony! Has to wait for this update as I've almost tried everything and nothing had worked for me.
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    Avatar Roulette

    Cool! Thanks Tony! :headbang: Very nice avatar!
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    GA-G41M-COMBO Confirmed Working

    OS X Lion fully working! Just followed xMove installation process. Did not have to make any post installations. Everything is working as updated.
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    xMove Installation Support

    Re: xMove + MultiBeast: Install OS X 10.7 Lion It just took time for the xMove to appear available for download. It's now available in the Post Installation>Downloads! Cheers!
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    Avatar Roulette

    hi tony, can you also pick one for me? Thanks!