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    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload My provider is TIM, Italy. I'm supposed to get 7 down/ 0.7 up
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    BCM94352z on laptop

    Ok. Thanks. I will try it
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    BCM94352z on laptop

    sorry i forgot the ioreg after sleep
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    BCM94352z on laptop

    Hi, thanks for your help. I deleted brcmpatchram2 and BrcmFirmwareData from efi partition and i installed brcmpatchram2 and BrcmFirmwareRepo using kextbeast in S/L/E now bluetooth works well, but after sleep it's unavailable. I read some topics similar to mine, and the problem was usb related o...
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    BCM94352z on laptop

    hi guys, i installed El Capitan on my laptop, Ux305FA core M powered. I followed this guide from jhawk To get a working wi fi, I replaced my intel card with a Bcm94352z from Lenovo. I get wi fi and Bluetooth...
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    First Time Build - Hack Pro - Advice Needed

    GTX 740 isn't good for editing. A more power gpu are OK. For example 960 or 760. And the PSU is too powerful. 860w is good for 2 way AMD crossfire(not supported by OS X). Just take 700w or less. For ssd i'm using a crucial m550 and trascend alluminium. I'm using a BCM94360CD+pci-e adapter for wi...
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    NoOb CustoMac

    i have 2 hackintosh, a desktop and a laptop. My systems are stable, like a real mac( i owned one), except usb. My usb can't provide 2.1A like real macs(2.1A to charge ipad). I'm using a Gigabyte motherboard, maybe using an ASUS motherboard you can get 2.1A form usb. Update are ok, i'm using...
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA using Clover UEFI

    Hi! I installed yosemite(thanks to jhawk). I have a problem with the config.plist. When i go to clover configurator, smbios is macbook 8,1 with everything(except macbook8,1) empty. I can't find a macbook 8,1 in smbios setup. Only manually write it. How i can fill the empty spaces?
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    Login screen resolution wrong

    Hi! i own a zenbook ux305 FHD. I followed a guide in this site to get an hackintosh. But i have a problem whit resolution. I set it at 1280x720, but at login the resolution is 1920x1080. How i can fix it? i tried to change resolution in the bootloader, but it don't work
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    [Guide] ASUS ZENBOOK UX305FA using Clover UEFI

    hi! I owm a zenbook ux305 fhD 4GB RAM and 128GB ssd. i followed this guide and i get a dual boot yosemite and windows 8.1. But i have some issues in mac. My touchpad is recognized by os, but i don't have two finger scroll and other features. How i can fix?
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    ASUS Zenbook UX305 compatability

    really? Thanks, but if I delete msr partition, my Windows partition will bricks?
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    ASUS Zenbook UX305 compatability

    hi| I'm BigEmperor and i own a zenbook ux305. How i can do a dual boot? i own one dualboot windows 8.1 and mac os x 10.10.5 on my desktop, two separate drives. But i don't know about dual boot in single drive. I splitted my windows partiton in two half. Then i booted in installer and opened Disk...
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    New Beginner

    3) OS X can read windows partition(NFTS)but can't write Windows can't recognize Mac OS X partition(hfs+) Fat32 is a universal file sistem, can be read and written by mac and windows,but each file over 4gb can't be stored. Solution? ExFat or Fat64(are the same thing) in a third hard disk, used...
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    charge Ipad using Motherboard USB

    hi! I'm using z97m-d3h motherboard, from gigabyte. It supports gigabyte ON/OFF charge. It can charge faster some devices, like my iphone or my ipad(it charge at 1A, normal usb give only 0,5A). But when i connect to mac my ipad, it displays "not charging". Under sistem information, usb give only...
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    New Build

    I guess your motherboard is not completely supported. Go here