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    Intel HD 2500 iGPU partially working with Mojave

    Hello I have a core i3 3220 processor with intel hd 2500 graphics, and I followed your guide, install the files in the patch folder, and I just boot with the config.plis-2. He gave me audio for hdmi but what I still do not get is that metal appears: supported I can play YouTube videos but I can...
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    Mojave and Audio -- ALC887

    Hi I just have solve devices audio. Mojave 10.14 use kexts lilu 1.2.7 and AppleALC 1.3.2 on clover/EFI/Kexts/others change HDAS to HDEF on list of paches and set layout 7 on EFI/Clover/Devices/Audio/inject restart mi Hackintosh and everything was fine, have all audio ports reconigze and Also...
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    Mouse pointer / Mouse cursor issues in Sierra

    Hi, i Just install High sierra 10.13.2 (ga-m61-hd2, intel pentium g1610 and gt 610) it almost work everything for example sleep and power off dont work, keeps mi comuter on. and the issue whit the mouse its impossible, i cannot see the mouse pointer at all, i think its someting to do with the...
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    What version of macOS for a Celeron CPU Based System?

    Hi man, i have celeron g1610 and gt 610 nvidia and iam running el Capitan osx out of the box
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    [WORK IN PROGRESS] Acer S3 i5 Mountain Lion

    hello thank you very much, first update my acer, but TrackPack not scroll, and then I edit the SSDT, because my cpu is i3, and reinstall everything again, and now it works really amazing my acer longer heats up and as you say the battery lasts longer Greetings macbn
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    thank you very much man, I just went through the other post and I think it's great information, now update my machine, I had already noticed the fan and overheating, but I assumed that this was the mac, because a friend of mine has one and told me his macbook pro got very hot. good job...
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    hello you should cuddle this post, I think that you have what you need, I install with this method and everything works great except the wifi card
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    sorry but it seems that now I'm the one who can not send MP's as I have to be post at least 20 times, thanks anyway man
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    hello I can not send mp, tells me that you do not get, how you can do to make me share the kext man, thanks in advance
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    Hi davedavebea i am interested in that kext you mentioned, could you provide me or give me the link to the page where you found it, thank you very much
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    [GUIDE] Acer s3 951 i5/i7 Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4

    Thank you very much Denio, only have two questions : you can login to the mac app store? and Both usb are working? Nice Work with this guide .