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    Duplicate boot uuid detected?

    Didn't work for me either. systemstats keeps crashing. I'll downgrade this one back to Mavericks and keep it around. It was working well until I upgraded. I need to be able to use the latest Xcode so it looks like it's back to a real Mac.
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    Benefit of Mavericks

    That's standard for any new version, not just Mavericks, or the Mac for that matter. It's not uncommon to see single application, purpose built recording systems still using Leopard and an older version of Pro Tools. Though they've been better than they have in the past Avid is still painfully...
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    Best build for GoPro video editing

    Sleep and power management perhaps not. My understanding is that it is a hardware/chipset issue. USB 3 likely and there may even be some now that can use it. He didn't have any USB 3 devices and had enough USB 2 ports. On my hacks I'd like the USB 3 ports if nothing else for backwards...
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    Is Hackintosh right for me?

    Thunderbolt hot swap doesn't work (which for most of my apps is a deal breaker why I sold my TB Hack) and USB 3.0 support is spotty. On the socket 2011 boards sleep/ power management is also an issue and on others wake on Blutooth is an issue. Some can be solved, some can not as there are...
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    Best build for GoPro video editing

    One of the techs that works for me owns a small commercial recording room that does local bands, indie film scores and corporate voiceovers and he just replaced his previous gen Hack with this system. It's blindly fast. I helped pick the parts and configure the machine. Graphics are 650 Ti...
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    Is Hackintosh right for me?

    It's not a Mac because it doesn't have the hardware/software integration of a real Mac. Unless you repurpose existing hardware and want more performance than a base Mini it may not make sense for you to build a Hackintosh. I've built 3, sold one and have my Haswell system offline right now to...
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    Newegg Sale Samsung Pro SSD Drives

    It's $129 for the 128GB, $224 for the 256GB and $451 for the 512GB.
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    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Normal software update from app store and everything appears as it was before. There was some flakiness with USB3 prior that is still there but everything else appears to function as it did prior.
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    First build ever, for audio recording.

    What happens is the system sees the Thunderbolt device as a PCIe device so it doesn't hot swap. For hot swapping there needs to be communication when the device is plugged telling the OS to tell the BIOS to recognize the device and assign it to the system then tell the OS that it's ready. I'm...
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    Logic Pro machine

    Logic is great for music creation and can be used for commercial music production as well. Being able to be a ProTools op to allow you to make your own music is a lot better than getting a regular day job. And it is the standard for commercial music production. That said, pretty much all the...
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    Logic Pro machine

    That's a good attitude to have. Other new builders would do well to adopt the same outlook. You'll need to learn how and why the EFI/BIOS works and where software like the boot loader and components like kexts and DSDTs fit into the puzzle. What Unibeast does is unify a group of tools into an...
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    Z87 Thunderbolt Motherboards

    The issue with a full feature TB card is that it needs Diaplay Port. That's not available on the bus and requires a loop back from either an internal DP port or one on a card in the system. Asus showed one at Computech in 2012 with an estimated price of UU$200. Not such a deal if one is buying...
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    Latest Haswell (LGA1150) Motherboard Info

    Asus announces Z87 Thunderbolt 2 board. The Z87 Deluxe Quad.
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    Hackintosh Newbie Questions - Creating Bootable USB from Windows

    For a general purpose family machine I'd buy a Mini and be done with it. If you aren't going to use the project as a learning tool or get hardware with which you can tweak or experiment you don't save any money on a low end build and it's more effort to get it going even if you have solid...
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    3D printer for Cube mod

    Bump from the dead... Any progress on the build? I was going to print some brackets for my Cube but ended up not needing them.