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    Frequent System Crashes - Help!

    I'm having a very similar issue. Really hoping this can get resolved soon. I have a new(ish) system, running 10.9, about 2 months old. After the build, install, updated to 10.9.1, no issues at all until last week. My hack went to the lock screen (I don't have my hard drives go to sleep)...
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    How to install Mountain Lion on HP ENVY 14 m4-1015dx [HELP]

    Has anyone been able to make any progress with this laptop? I am very interested in attempting a mountain lion install on my new machine. My initial problem so far is the bios. Insydeh20 rev f.14 ver 3.7... It is a locked bios. If anyone can help me with unlocking the advanced features of...
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    i5-2500k (device ID 0x0112) owners thread: HD 3000 QE/CI

    I open the DVD Player app and it fails. Also, VLC tells me that QE is not enabled and the video won't play. I'm assuming by cache regeneration you mean to repair permissions and caches after installing kexts? If so, then yes, I have done that every time. If you mean something else, could you...
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    i5-2500k (device ID 0x0112) owners thread: HD 3000 QE/CI

    Does this solution work for anyone? I've been searching for HD3000 full qe/ci with 10.8.4, and have had only partial success. I have ID x0112, and have been able to get dual monitor and full resolution working, however, I don't have full acceleration. I have Chimera 2.1 (I think off the top...
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    ALC892Enabler Beta - 5.1 & 7.1

    Installed. It works, however, I am having an issue since I have upgraded to the mac mini 5,1 smbios for hd3000 dual monitor. I don't really know how to describe it, but after my volume has been "stagnant" for about 20 seconds, all I hear is a low humming, almost a reverb. If I press volume up...