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    [Guide] Lenovo ThinkPad T440P

    Hi @Sniki , do you have any guide to control Fan speed for T440p via DSDT or SSDT? I want to control Fan speed base on temp, although now it worked with BIOS, but I want to make Fan run at lower temp. Thank you.
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    [Guide] Disabling discrete graphics in dual-GPU laptops

    Hi all, My Laptop is T440p Thinkpad i7 4600M, I followed this guide but I was stuck when finding correct position for _INI and _OFF methods. MacBook-Pro:patchmatic bangdc$ grep -l Method.*_INI *.dsl DSDT.dsl SSDT-5-SaSsdt .dsl And MacBook-Pro:patchmatic bangdc$ grep -l Method.*_OFF *.dsl...
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    Thinkpad e550 can not wake up after sleep

    I also have the same problem, hope some one kind to help.