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    New Unibeast problem

    I have no problem with unibeast 1.5.3 but when I run 1.6 it fails, and the log says: Starting uid=501, euid=501 Couldn't instantiate daemon Exiting. logout
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    Black Screen during unibeast! PLS HELP

    With all due respect I dont think that only those 4 processors are supported and I managed to install it a dozen times without the black screen, and everything was always fine without the audio, when trying to install audio I messed up the rest off the kexts on purpose, but unfortunally i got...
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    Black Screen during unibeast! PLS HELP

    Tnx for reply. I wrote in my post about the motherboard. Its Asus P5KPL-AM, and i don't have intel onboard graphics, I only have my Nvidia geforce 9600 GT. :)
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    Black Screen during unibeast! PLS HELP

    This is my first post I wanted to avoid but here it is: So I installed ML successfully through unibeast with boot option PCIRootUid=0, and then multibeast kept failing and my kexts got deleted and all hell broke loose,(stuck at only one ram bank or pci configuration begin, and nothing helped) so...