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    [success] install 4K 60Hz monitor on OSX 10.10.4

    I'd like to know if a typical Ultra HD / 4K television in the 40-43" range would work well if I wanted a huge computer display that would cost about $1,000. I know they don't have displayport connections, but I would be happy with 2560x1600@60Hz using HDMI which would be an improvement over...
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    Remember last choice

    Is there a way to edit the org.Chameleon.boot.plist file to specify which partition is the default and also specify to NOT WAIT or only wait "X" seconds before continuing to boot? Is it possible that there is a <key> for boot drive/partition and a <string> to specify which to use? I...
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    Upgrading Motherboard with outdated socket (LGA 1155)

    I have been using a Gigabyte Q77M-D2H for a couple of years with a 3770 and it works very well with the Unibeast and Multibeast installation tools. Not for overlocking, but reliable and decent expansion ports and slots. I have installed on it Lion, Mountain Lion and now running Yosemite. It...
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    What Router Do You Use?

    I use a Dlink DSR-500. Have used it for a couple of years and very reliable. D-Link DSR-500 Dual Wan 4-Port Gigabit VPN Router - Newegg D-Link DSR-500 Services Router Functions as VPN server, all gigabit ports, metal case, internal power supply. Overkill for home router, but I want...
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    GA-Q77M-D2H - 10.9.2 - Multibeast 6.2.1

    I have the GA-Q77M-D2H with 3770K and no added graphics card, just using the HD 4000 on CPU. I am also experiencing the "freezing" after sleep with 10.9.2. The most obvious problem is the that hard drive will not spin up after sleep, so although I can enter my password, it never logs in...
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    3770k - How loud is your stock cooler?

    I am not sure how to rate the sound level. I have a new 3770K with the stock cooler in a Gigabyte Q77-D2H board. The fan speed is usually about 1200-1400 rpm under light load, and there is a slight humming sound. It is about the same sound level as a typical 7200 rpm hard drive just spinning...